'Saddest' stray cat with FIV finally finds a home after years on the street

Six-year-old cat Mister Bruce Willis has had a hard life.

The stray spent six years on the street, lonely and unloved.

Mister also has significant health issues including an eye injury, chipped teeth feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and scars around his eyes which make him look sad.

Thankfully, the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota took Mister in.

Despite being ‘the sweetest and the most affectionate boy around’, Mister wasn’t able to find a forever home.

That is until a woman named Sandra fell in love with the sad kitty.

On International Cat Day, Sandra saw a post of Mister and decided to visit him at the shelter.

However, her apartment lease didn’t allow for pets so Sandra tried to not get too attached.

Still besotted with the cat, Sandra continued visiting Mister at the shelter and hoped he would find someone to take him in.

After a month, Mister had no takers so Sandra decided to ask her landlord if she could take him in and he eventually agreed.

‘I decided to ask my landlord for permission to get him,’ she told BoredPanda.

‘I was really surprised when I was granted an exception. I brought him home the following day. He went from being the saddest cat to the happiest cat I’ve seen in only a couple of hours. He purred all night long and wouldn’t leave my side.’

Now Mister has gone from the ‘saddest’ to the ‘happiest’ cat with his forever human.

Although Mister is now enjoying his new life at home with Sandra, he still has some health conditions that make him frail.

He is FIV positive and it means his immune system is vulnerable but Sandra is giving him lots of love and attention.

What is FIV

According to the RSPCA, FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) is a viral infection that affects cats. It causes affected animals to have a weaker immune system in comparison to non-FIV positive cats.

FIV initially results in a short-lived illness which is often not noticed by a cat’s owner. Cats then enter a stage of progressive immune system decline but many remain without symptoms of the disease for many years. In fact, research indicates that FIV cats may have a similar life expectancy to uninfected cats.

Whilst these cats may be prone to a variety of common diseases, there are no symptoms that are specific for FIV cats. An FIV positive cat may be more prone to chronic respiratory infections, skin problems, mouth inflammation and certain types of tumours but there is no definitive rule.

The cat, who now looks unrecognisable is now Insta-famous and boasts more than 90,000 followers.

What a cutie.

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