RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: What Trump needs to know about Corbyn

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Dear Mr President, here is all you need to know about the hypocritical, terrorist-loving Labour leader who dares to lecture YOU on morality

When asked if he could work with a future British government led by Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump gave an uncharacteristically diplomatic answer.

In an interview ahead of his state visit, the President said he would have to meet Corbyn, to ‘get to know him a little bit’. 

Trump drew attention to the close ties between our nations, especially when it comes to military co-operation and intelligence sharing.

When asked if he could work with a future British government led by Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump (pictured with Melania at Westminster Abbey) gave an uncharacteristically diplomatic answer, write Richard Littlejohn

Surely any British Prime Minister would be eager to maintain those links, he mused: ‘I would think that somebody in that position would want to and have to get along with the United States.’

Perhaps Trump genuinely believes he can reason with the Labour leader in the same way he has attempted to strike up a rapport with the Chinese President Xi Jinping and the North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un.


If so, he’s wasting his time. Corbyn would be much happier burning Trump in effigy than breaking bread with him — something he made abundantly clear by boycotting tonight’s Buckingham Palace banquet.

This petulant gesture didn’t only demonstrate a disgraceful lack of respect for the Queen, whose government he aspires to lead. It was also a calculated insult not just to the President, but to the American people as a whole, regardless of their political affiliations.

Today, Corbyn (pictured) will attend — and address — the Stop Trump rally on the streets of London

Today, Corbyn will attend — and address — the Stop Trump rally on the streets of London, complete with puerile Baby Trump blimp floating overhead. 

Against that background, a ‘getting to know you’ meeting between the two men is unlikely to happen any time soon. Or before Hell freezes over, come to that.

So allow me to furnish the President with a cut-out-and-keep guide to Corbyn, his close associates and the party he leads.

This isn’t the ‘liberal’ Labour Party of Tony Blair, which stood shoulder-to-shoulder with America after 9/11. Whatever happened subsequently, Blair was right to immediately pledge military and moral support to our closest ally.

By contrast, Corbyn refuses even to say whether as PM he would honour our commitment to deploy British troops to defend a Nato member which came under attack from a country such as Russia. Given half a chance, Corbyn would probably withdraw from Nato and side with Russia.

He is a politician who has never met a terrorist he doesn’t like, an IRA stooge who counts as his friends Hamas and Hezbollah — organisations dedicated to wiping the democratic state of Israel, another close ally of the U.S, off the face of the earth.

It’s no wonder, then, Corbyn’s Labour Party is being investigated by the human rights commission over widespread allegations of anti-Semitism.

The commission is examining 1,000 pages of evidence showing there is ‘reasonable suspicion the party has unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish’.

For instance, Peter Willsman, a Corbynite member of Labour’s ruling executive committee, has just been suspended for accusing the Israeli embassy of manufacturing false claims of anti-Semitism against Labour.

This isn’t just confined to a tight, hard-line gang of metropolitan Leftists. The party’s candidate in the forthcoming provincial by-election in Peterborough gave her approval to a Facebook post accusing Theresa May of having a ‘Zionist Slave Masters agenda’.

All this will be of particular interest to Trump, since he is a passionate supporter of Israel and his daughter converted to Judaism after marrying her Orthodox Jewish husband.

Incidentally, Mr President, the Peterborough by-election is only happening because voters signed a petition recalling their sitting Labour MP, after she was jailed for lying on oath about a speeding offence.

Despite her conviction, when she was released on parole she was able to cast the crucial vote in the Commons against Brexit — while wearing an ankle tag.

Corbyn surrounds himself with a bunch of privileged Left-wing former public schoolboys, at least one of whom was in the Communist Party until fairly recently. They share a visceral anti-Americanism.

Anyone who dares to dissent from their line can expect to be the target of vicious character assassination and vile threats on social media, co-ordinated by the controlling Corbynista organisation Momentum.


Economically, Trump may talk about forging a comprehensive free trade deal with Britain post-Brexit. But if Labour forms the next government, he can forget all about it.

Unlike Labour under Blair and Brown, the Corbynistas hate the free market and model their policies on basket-case socialist states such as Venezuela.

Labour doesn’t even respect democracy these days. While Corbyn sits on the fence and mouths constantly conflicting platitudes, the party is pulling out all the stops to prevent Brexit happening.

Sadiq Khan (pictured) has become embroiled in a demeaning social media spat with the President, after accusing Trump of being a ‘20th-century fascist’

This is despite the fact that 17.4 million people voted to Leave the EU, including millions in what were once rock-solid Labour constituencies — the same kind of forgotten working people who propelled Trump into the White House.

Corbyn’s Labour is morally bankrupt, riddled with nepotism, hypocritical, duplicitous and — to borrow one of Trump’s favourite expressions — truly ‘nasty’.

It’s not only the hard-Left, which has its grip on the leadership, either. Take London’s two-bob chancer of a mayor, Sadiq Khan, a self-styled ‘moderate’.

He has become embroiled in a demeaning social media spat with the President, after accusing Trump of being a ‘20th-century fascist’.

It’s difficult to think of a more disgusting insult, given that Trump is here to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the start of the invasion of Europe during which tens of thousands of brave British, American and Allied troops died fighting real fascism.

Sadly, the President responded in kind, calling Khan a ‘stone cold loser’ and a terrible mayor, who should be concentrating on tackling London’s knife crime epidemic.

The President’s remarks were regrettable, but he wasn’t wrong. Khan is more concerned with sucking up to Labour activists, in contemplation of a future leadership bid, than doing the job he’s paid for.

That’s when he’s not galivanting around the world at someone else’s expense. On Saturday night, he was in the VIP seats at the European Cup Final between Spurs and Liverpool. Thousands of his ticketless London constituents were locked outside, or couldn’t afford to travel.

But that’s modern Labour for you. As this paper said yesterday: for the few, not the many.

It’s also worth pointing out that more people voted for Brexit in London than voted for Khan as mayor.

And just look at the juvenile, Left-wing anti-Trumpists on today’s march, trying to reduce the special relationship to a ridiculous squabble about chlorinated chicken and lies about the NHS being sold to the Americans, just because they want to sell us cheaper drugs.

If it were Obama offering us a free trade deal, they’d be hailing chlorinated chicken as a miracle health food and proclaiming him the saviour of the NHS.

Trump may not be everyone’s cup of meat, but at least he says what he means and tries to implement the promises he made to those who voted for him. If he’d been our prime minister for the past three years, Brexit would have been done by now.

He’s not wrong, either, when he says Nigel Farage should have been on the negotiating committee from the start. I wrote that the day after the referendum. Trump appears to understand the 17.4 million British citizens who voted Brexit better than the posturing political pygmies at Westminster who pretend to represent us.

It’s significant that Farage, now leading a Brexit Party surge, is the only British politician to have made a genuine effort to woo Trump properly.

Whatever his shortcomings, Trump has only ever offered friendship and support to this country, unlike our so-called EU ‘partners’, who treat us with undisguised contempt.

He is welcome here any time, as far as I’m concerned, especially as we remember the young men and women from Britain and America who gave their lives to liberate Europe three-quarters of a century ago.

While Trump’s in the White House, we can rely on the close relationship enduring. Let’s just hope he never has to get to know Jeremy Corbyn.


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