Realizing You Deserve Better In Your Relationship Is Major — Here’s How 20 Women Describe It

It may sound super simple, but realizing you deserve better in your relationship is no easy feat. From the point of view of an outsider looking in, it can be easy to point out when a friend or even a stranger blatantly deserves to be treated so much better. But recognizing that moment when you are the one who could do so much better isn’t always so easy. It can be difficult to differentiate between a rough patch and an actually terrible situation.

And loving the person who’s putting you through all of this doesn’t make things any less complicated, either. The minute you feel real love for someone, it becomes easier to create excuses for them and for the potentially terrible things to you. That’s what makes the stories of these women so, incredibly inspiring. Which women am I referring to, you ask? Well, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, women were asked to share the moment they knew they deserved better. Throughout this piece, we share 20 of their bravest, most inspiring responses. Read along as your own source of inspiration. These women were able to hit rock bottom and still managed to get themselves back up. Even if you aren’t quite there yet in your own relationship, take their stories as a source of inspiration.

He left her out on her own during a cancer scare.


She found him in bed with two other women.


Another woman was a recurring problem for them.


She was constantly making excuses for him.


He refused to compromise.


He was too busy with his side piece to support her during her miscarriage.


He was constantly fawning over other women.


He was a selfish lover.


He made her lower her standards.


He drunkenly dumped her on the phone.


He made her negotiate how many times he would dance with her.


He put saving money over her well-being.


He said exactly what he knew would hurt her most.


He agreed that she wasn’t a priority to him.


He bailed on her birthday weekend and made her drive him to the airport.


She caught him sending nudes to another woman.


He got mad at her for spending time with her dying dad.


He was a drunk idiot.


He made up a stupid excuse to start cheating.


She asked for her to wait around while she tried to get her ex back.


I know that was a tough read. Some of these stories are incredibly heart breaking. But there is a silver lining here: These women all managed to come to the conclusion that they deserve better. Even in their darkest hour, they didn’t lose sight of their worth. That is something to be proud of.

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