Prince Harry Struggled A Ton With Leaving the Royal Army

When Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex announced they were leaving the British royal family to embark on their own path, people were stunned. Fans were appalled, blaming the American actor for smuggling away their prince, and royal experts called the prince a coward.

However, looking back at Prince Harry’s life it’s quite clear that he’s always struggled with his role. in fact, he resisted retiring from the Royal Army for as long as he possibly could.

The British royal family always imagined Prince Harry by Prince William’s side

Megxit was never supposed to happen. Though we’ve watched members of the royal family struggle with their roles throughout history, no one in the modern-day era has been quite as bold as Prince Harry and Meghan.

The anger and vitriol spewed toward the pair are due to a lack of understanding and because many people have always envisioned Prince Harry by Prince William’s side when the older prince became king.

“Courtiers imagined in the future that Harry would be shoulder-to-shoulder with William when he was King,” Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son author Penny Junor told People. “He would pick up the bits that William wouldn’t be as good for. They would be complimentary and side-by-side throughout their lives. That was a lovely picture. Harry was the secret weapon, really.”

Prince Harry was unhappy in the British royal family

Though the prince adores his family and his country, being royal is something he always struggled with. He has never quite gotten over the horror of his mother’s death or the shocking aftermath of her funeral.

When he was a teen, News Of The World tabloid newspaper hacked his cell phone in an attempt to dig up dirt. However, the last straw for the prince appeared to be his brother Prince William’s apprehension about Meghan.

“[Prince Harry] realized there was something rotten at the heart of royalness that is not for him and so he found a new destiny,” royal historian Robert Lacey claims in his new book, Battle of Brothers.

Prince Harry hated leaving the royal army

When Prince Harry was questioned about how he would adjust now that he was no longer in the royal fold, he reminded people that he was in the Army. During the Duke of Sussex’s 10 years of service, he was removed from the comforts of his plush life and treated like everyone else.

“Never a fan of the stuffier side of royal duties, Harry, better known as Captain Wales, was at home in the no-frills, hands-on world of a soldier,” Carolyn Durand and Omid Scoobie wrote n their book Finding Freedom via Express.

His time in the military afforded him privacy and a sense of normalcy that he’d never experienced before. “My father’s always trying to remind me about who I am and stuff like that,” Prince Harry reportedly said in 2013. “‘But it’s very easy to forget about who I am when I’m in the Army.”

Despite his service from 2006 to 2015, the prince was stripped of his honorary titles following Megxit, and he will no longer be able to wear his uniform in public. According to Yahoo News!, “Retired service personnel can wear their medals – but not their uniform – at official engagements once they have left the military.”

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