Prince Harry heartbreak: Duke shows ‘confusion over where home is’ in address to UK

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Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, have sought to reinforce their ties with Britain by marking the start of the UK’s Black History Month (BHM). The couple took part in a candid interview from their home in Montecito, California, as well as expressing their thoughts on BHM in an article.

The Sussexes’ article for the Evening Standard seeks to establish their “new authority” but also hints at some confusion as to where they really think of as home, a language expert has claimed.

Language analyst and author Judi James assessed the article for and shared her findings.

According to Judi while the couple’s ‘verbal focus’ is “firmly on the UK”, the language they use creates ambiguity.

The expert said: “Their verbal focus is so firmly on the UK in this piece that the references are constant to ensure we know exactly who they are talking about.”

She added: “In a short article, there are twelve references to ‘Britain’ ‘British’ ‘Brits’ ‘Britons’ ‘UK’ and ‘This nation’, suggesting their audiences and fans here and in the US know exactly where their influencing muscle will be flexed.”

According to Judi, the language used seems to suggest Harry’s wish to speak as a British national and not an ex-pat.

She said: “The reference to ‘This nation’ is also possibly telling, as it implies Harry is speaking from within the UK rather than as an ex-pat.”

Judi claimed, the use of the word ‘we’ in the article creates confusion about where Harry thinks of as home.

The expert said: “It is a confusing reference and when they write ‘We are a better nation thanks to the people on this list’ that confusion about where Harry calls ‘home’ could deepen.”

“There are also reminders of Harry and Meghan’s intention to be seen as a team of two in their careers as influencers.

“The ‘We’ references imply they wrote the piece together and it is also used to remind us that they acted as a team throughout, i.e.: ‘We asked them to


Judi claimed the tone of the piece made it seem “more like a lecture than a traditional opinion piece.”


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The expert explained: “This article written by Harry & Meghan is structured as a written speech or even a lecture rather than in the normal style of comment pieces or editorials.

“Part of that is to do with the abbreviated sentences that often read more as a series of memorable, attributable power- soundbites to be used as quotes, or which might have been existing quotes they have heard or read, like: ‘We hope for a society where we see each other for who we are, where we thank each other for what we do.’

“The other reason is the authoritarian, formal, ‘tell’ tone that is used to make it hard-hitting and full of impact, like: ‘We must commit to…’

“This is a message they are projecting at us, rather than one with a more relaxed, sharing and even chatty or discursive tone.”

Judi claimed the Sussexes new article sees the attempt to get their “campaigning tentacles back in the country many fans might have assumed Harry had left behind.”

Judi said: “Having heard them inspire and encourage people in the US in their role as global influencers, this article shows the intended reach of their campaigning tentacles back in the country many fans might have assumed Harry had left behind.”

Prince Harry and Meghan have been based in California with their son Archie Harrison, one, since March.

The Sussexes are expected to remain in Meghan’s native USA for the foreseeable future.

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