Poundland shoppers praise £1 spray that helps keep shoes and coats waterproof

SMART shoppers have been snapping up a £1 tent waterproofing spray from Poundland and using it to rainproof clothes instead.

The waterproof spray was shared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group where people shared how well it works on coats and shoes.

Although it's sold as waterproof spray for tents, bargain hunters are raving about how well it works for outerwear.

Many have used it for protecting jackets from the rain ahead of the winter weather arriving.

One shopper explained how she bagged all three of the bottles left at her local Poundland store.

How to find top bargain deals

POUNDLAND’S freebies have already been snapped up by shoppers – we explain how to find bargains in the future.

  • Join Facebook groups – Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Latest Deals and Reduce Your Supermarket Spend are all Facebook groups helping you reduce your spending and find good deals
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And she bought the stash from Poundland after using Aldi’s waterproof spray before which costs £1.49.

The shopper commented: “Really like to thank the person that posted about Poundland selling waterproof spray £1.

“I’m always buying the aerosol from Aldi £1.49 as brilliant for shoes , coats, especially as we walk our dog on moor.”

Another shopper posting about the Poundland spray added: “Comments also suggest it’s good for raincoats etc too, win win!”

Although popular, it's not clear of the suitability of the Poundland spray when used for fabric other than tents.

Experts recommend products designed specifically for waterproof gear.

James Austin of walking charity Ramblers said: "You will find over time, with wear and tear and cleaning, that your waterproof walking gear eventually starts to absorb water as the water repellent finish wears off.

"Luckily, this doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy new gear – restoring waterproofing on your garments is easy if you follow a few simple steps."

Here's his advice for keeping your waterproof items in top shape.

How to look after waterproof gear

  • First carefully wash the items with a detergent specifically designed for technical clothing, which will remove dirt an oils to improve the breathability of the fabric.
  • Once your garments are washed and dried, you then need to apply a reproofing solution especially for outdoor clothing.
  • You can usually do this by spraying or by adding the solution to the washing machine (be sure to follow the instructions) – if you’re spraying, pay particular attention to high-friction areas like arms and shoulders.
  • Finally, you’ll need to dry the solution,  a medium-low heat in the tumble dryer should do it, or even carefully drying them on a radiator or with a hair-dryer – and you should have a clean, breathable waterproofs all ready for your next walk.

One lucky shopper bagged stationary for free from Poundland after they popped up as costing zero pence at the till.

And shoppers also rave about Poundland's skin sooothing range of creams that are just like pricier Aveeno.

Aldi shoppers meanwhile were shocked to find the sandpit they bought was only the size of an adult hand.

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