Plain two-bedroom goes on sale for £335,000 but it’s hiding a very creepy secret… can you spot it? | The Sun

A PLAIN two-bedroom property has gone on sale for £335,000 – but beware, as it's hiding quite the creepy secret.

The sellers seem to be throwing in a sinister surprise with the home for free, but can you spot it?

Upon first glance, the remote and rustic pad in New Hampshire, US, seems the ideal space to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But the seclusion of the woodland property has reminded some house hunters of the setting for a scary movie – and rightly so.

Among the numerous images showcasing the features of the home in the town of Weare, a special guest can be seen lurking in the background.

Skulking behind furniture and peering through windows, a person dressed as notorious Halloween monster Michael Myers.


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The iconic slasher appears to be lying in wait to scare off potential buyers while brandishing his signature blood-stained knife.

In what feels like a terrifying twist on Where's Waldo, house hunters have to spot the serial killer hiding in various spots around the property.

While showing off the expansive outdoor area sprawling over three acres, the character can be seen staring straight at the camera from behind a tree.

He continues to pop up in various bizarre places horror fans may expect the villain to be lying in wait – like at the kitchen door.

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The masked madman can chillingly be seen staring through the window weighing up his prey outside.

Another kitchen shot even shows him grabbing a sharp object from the kitchen draw, in homage to his infamous weapon of choice.

The listing is loaded with unnerving images of Myers towering over a closed shower curtain in the bathtub, hiding behind corners and reflecting in mirrors.

But as well as a live-in maniac, the home features two bathrooms, a modern kitchen, dining room, living space and utility room to make use of.

The listing on Zillow explains it sits on a "quiet dead end street", an ideal location where no one can hear your screams.

But it glosses over the fact Myers is patrolling the perimeter, making no mention of the sinister figure's appearance in the pictures.


The two-bedroom property garnered a mass of attention online thanks to the surprise guest – much to the estate agent and seller's delight.

Realtor Tommy Bolduc revealed he and his clients had come up with the comical yet creepy idea ahead of Halloween on October 31.

He told TODAY: "It's a perfect season and me and my sellers thought it would be a fun way to make people laugh.

"This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and partly because my sellers have a great sense of humor. It can be a risk.

"It was a blast shooting those photos. Some of them are sneaky, you have to search for him. Other ones, it's blatantly obvious where he is."

After the listing exploded online, Bolduc says he has already had plenty of interest as well as hosting a packed open house on October 1.

He added: "I have friends, family, colleagues, co-brokers I don’t even know emailing me and texting me saying they think it’s hilarious.

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"And so people from all walks of my life have been reaching out. People are getting a kick out of it."

We previously told how a house hunter terrifyingly spotted someone hiding under the covers in the pictures of a bizarre property listing.

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