People share the weirdest reviews they've spotted online

Five stars for fun! Social media users share hilarious online reviews – from a criminal praising his ‘gentle’ arresting police officers to a tourist slamming Ireland for its ‘lack of leprechauns’

  • People from America have shared bizarre reviews in a Bored Panda gallery
  • One person reviewed the time they were arrested by police as very positive
  • Another complained a beach called ‘Coffin beach’ didn’t have ‘enough’ coffins 

Reviews usually offer good insight into whether it’s worth buying a product or booking a service, but these will just mostly make you laugh. 

People from the US have shared bizarre reviews online on a Twitter account called Weird Online Reviews, with some of the best being collated by Bored Panda. 

One person positively reviewed their experience of being arrested, while another person gave Ireland one out of five for its lack of ‘leprechauns’ 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest examples…

People have shared bizarre and funny reviews they’ve spotted online. One person said this toilet brushed caused ‘too much pain’ and that they’d stick to toilet paper from now on 

One person explained they gave a business a review of only one star simply because they didn’t like the color yellow 

Another gave a hilarious review after they were arrested, going as far as to say they wouldn’t mind said police officer arresting them again

One man shared this bizarre review of him with a giant cup on his head, saying it was ‘just what he wanted’

A holidaymaker who travelled to Ireland gave the country a one star review because they didn’t see any leprechauns on their stay

One diner was unimpressed when a waitress in a restaurant pointed out he had eaten a pancake despite complaining of its poor quality 

One person ominously wrote ‘they won’t find the body’ while reviewing a shovel on Amazon and giving it five stars 

Another said the European country of Croatia was closer to becoming a nuclear power than the app they were reviewing was to ever working right

One person reviewed a monument called Jeffrey the Frog Statue in Oklahoma saying it had helped him through his divorce 

One person said they had confused this mattress with an ice-cream sandwich while ordering drunk 

One matter-of-fact person remarked there were no coffins on a beach called Coffin Beach in Massachusetts 

A brazen seller responded ‘hehe’ when a buyer left a scathing review about their service online 

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