Paul Walker’s Fast And The Furious Toyota Auctions For $550K

Fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise were stunned to discover just how valuable one of their featured cars really is. Those who love the movie series, and die-hard fans of the late Paul Walker, are eager to snatch up any part of this franchise that goes up on the auction block. When it comes to owning a piece of movie history, money is never a hold-back. TMZ reports that there was one very excited fan that just got to walk away with the super-charged Toyota Supra that was infamously driven by Walker in the movie, but he had to fork over $550k to gain possession of this very famous ride.

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TMZ reports that; “The 1994 car was auctioned off in Las Vegas this weekend … and the winning bid came from a phone bidder for Brian O’Conner’s original 10-second car. The Supra’s auction had been one of the most anticipated ones in recent memory.”

The iconic orange Supra was built by the legendary Eddie Paul at El Segundo’s Shark Shop in California, and it just sold for way more than it’s actual vehicular value at a Los Angeles auction.

According to California News Times, the car was sold to an online bidder, and was authenticated with an extensive document which contained genuine certificates and identifying paperwork. The car was sold with a stock 2JZ-GTE engine and was primarily used for stunt work on the set of the movie.

Fans of Fast and the Furious know this car all-too well, and it holds a significant place in the nostalgic memories associated with this franchise. It’s known as the “10-second car” and was featured most prominently when it was driven by  Brian O’Conner, played by Paul Walker.

There was a very in a symbolic scene in which the Supra demolished a Ferrari with super speeds and completely entertaining yet wildly unrealistic results.

Fans of the late Paul Walker recall that he was was also seen driving this unmistakable car in the 2003 sequel.

Auto enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that this Toyota, on its own, is definitely not valued anywhere near what it was auctioned off for. The fact that it was driven by Walker and used so prominently in such an iconic movie franchise is what has driven up the value of the vehicle so greatly.

The proud new owner of this car now owns a legendary piece of unmistakable movie history.

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Sources: California News Times, TMZ 


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