Parents share shocking moment they found their children misbehaving

Mother of all nightmares! Parents share their children’s VERY naughty antics – from climbing the walls to a boy who shaved his own head

  • Parents from around the world shared shocking moments from their children
  • BoredPanda has collated an online gallery of the most patience-testing moments
  • One child went crazy with the clippers, while another climbed up to the ceiling 

Parents from around the world have shared the shocking moment they walked in on their children misbehaving.

And now BoredPanda has collated some of the most mischievous scenes and naughtiest tantrums into an online gallery of the most patience-testing parenting situations.

One child climbed all the way up to the ceiling and made a terrifying face, while another went crazy with the clippers, shaving most of their hair off.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the craziest pictures of hyper and cheeky children…

Parents from around the world have shared the shocking moment they walked in on their children misbehaving, with BoredPanda sharing some of the most mischievious in a hilarious online gallery (pictured, one hyper boy, from the US, decided to climb up right to the ceiling) 

Hair today, gone tomorrow! One Scottish child, had a go with the hair clippers and shaved most of their locks off in the process 

Messy! Let loose in the kitchen, these two children, from the US, made a massive mess with a spilt bottle of chocolate syrup 

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Water mess! Another child discovered the sprinkler and managed to spray water straight into his face 

What have you done? This sibling looked a little unimpressed while his brother got spaghetti everywhere 

Standard! Another parent, from the US, was stunned to walk into her son’s room and discovered he’d gone to sleep with his lizard in his bed 

It wasn’t me! This little girl smiled up at her parents while her little brother appeared stuck in the toilet and tried to act like it was not her idea 

Nightmare! Another parent shared their horror after walking into their young son’s room to find he had fallen asleep squashed against the side of his play pen

That’s going to hurt in the morning! These two bored siblings, from the US, put suction pads on their foreheads

Classic! Another set of siblings pulled the classic stunt of pressing their faces against the window to make their parents laugh 

Poor Kitty! This cat looked a little bit traumatised by the wide and creepy smile the little girl did when she was stroking him

Bubbles of fun! Another cheeky child decided to make a very chaotic-looking bubble bath and made lots of mess in the process 

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