OnlyFans model caught making adult film by neighbour speaks about embarrassment

An x-rated OnlyFans model who was confronted by a neighbour about the noises she was making from her Airbnb has spoken out about the embarrassing situation.

Railey Diesel posted a TikTok earlier this week showing the bloke next door nipping round to ask her to turn her television down.

But, in reality she was making a raunchy video for the online porn subscription site.

Railey told the Mirror that the neighbour buzzed her door when she was mid-recording and it caused her to “jump up” in shock.

Flustered, she popped on a dressing gown to see what the issue was.

Her neighbour told her that he was sitting down with his young children for a family dinner but that her “TV noises” were very loud.

He also said that the kids wanted to know what she was watching…


The 31-year-old has now spoken out and said she believes the neighbour knew exactly what she was doing but kept the complaint discreet so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

She told The Mirror : "It was just a normal day of me making content but as I'm currently staying in an Airbnb I'm not too familiar with my surroundings.

"My window was slightly open and in the middle of filming my door buzzed. Naturally I jumped up to put my robe on and kind of tried to ignore the first buzz hoping that whoever was outside would walk away."

Railey continued: "But after couple more buzzes I had to open the door. I saw this shy man trying to explain that my TV was a bit too loud.

"I think potentially he was just super polite about it and might have known that sounds were not coming out of the TV and that his children could hear it.

"I felt bad that children were able to hear it but the guy did a good job talking to me and not trying to expose or embarrass me whatsoever, he just did the right thing.”

From now on, the adult star claims she will always double check her windows and will be leaving her current Airbnb soon.

When she posted the encounter online, she wrote: "I was making [an OnlyFans] video then this happened."

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She can be seen opening the door and then listening to a man who says: "Hi, I'm your neighbour from just around the corner.

"We have some very small children and they are very curious to know what you're watching.

"Yeah that's pretty much everything. That's okay, if you could do that I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much."

Railey apologised to his as she didn’t realise her window was open or that she could be heard.

The clip has racked up millions of views.

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