Nelly and Cedric The Entertainer Weigh in on Trump's Antics, Oregon's Decriminalization of Hard Drugs (Exclusive)

Just because you voted Trump doesn’t mean you’re racist, they say, but “it’s racist-esque … racist-y.”

The election brought out more than a few dramatic developments — the president refusing to accept defeat for one, as well as the fact you won’t get prosecuted for having meth in certain states.

While both Nelly and Cedric the Entertainer were surprised by the latter, they were not by the former.

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After an evening dining together at Boa in LA, the two friends and fellow Missouri natives weighed in on unsubstantiated claims the Democratic party had somehow illegally stolen the election.

While Cedric said the outgoing President wasn’t worth the time to even discuss (beyond a few NSFW words) he refused to label Trump supporters as certified racists.

“The thing is people got a million reasons to do a number of things, especially a choice like that, you know what I’m saying?” said Cedric. “People can vote for that guy if that’s who they so chose… It ain’t the kind of person I feel I reckon with.”

“I’m not going to place any one particular label on them for that reason, because I got friends that’s Trumpers. That’s my partners I like, a lot. But they like Trump. And I don’t necessarily get it.”

While the comedian said he won’t ostracize people because of their political leanings, he did concede supporting Trump looked a little “racist adjacent”.

“It’s racist-esque,” he declared, as Nelly cracked up beside him. “It’s racist-y. Maybe you look at it that way, It’s not like maybe you are racist, but it’s very racist-y.”

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When Nelly finally gathered himself, he was intrigued to learn Oregon had voted to decriminalize possession of hard drugs — including meth, heroin and cocaine.

Having approved Measure 110, Oregonians caught with small amounts of the drugs will now face a $100 fine instead of a criminal felony charge; the fee can even be avoided if the person agrees to a health assessment at an addiction recovery center.

After clarification that a dealer busted with a car full of hard drugs would not just be fined $100, Nelly said the law would have to be tested to see if it was the right move by the state.

“One thing about when you change the laws, I think it’s a time will tell, you know what I mean? Because you know, obviously it’s something you don’t know what the end result is gonna be… it can sound good, but at the end of the day you always got people that misuse certain situations, so we will see,” he said. “We will see.”

“I think they’re trying to do it for a good reason, so anytime you make any move for what you think is the right reason… you gotta take that in stride. But it remains to be seen.”

“Mighty convenient though,” Cedric joked.

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