My wife says she loves her dog more than my kids – I dont know what to say

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Dogs are a much loved pet.

Usually due to their loving and loyal nature.

Without a doubt they often feel like part of the family.

So much so, one woman has admitted that she cares more about her dog than about her husband's kids.


After his wife admitted her love was stronger for her pet pooch rather than his children, he took to Reddit for some advice on the relationship dilemma.

Taking to the online forum, the husband titled the post: “My wife said she cares more about our dog than my kids.”

The 26-year-old husband began to explain the circumstances in which his 25-year-old wife came to admit the big relationship blow.

He said: "My wife and I do not have any kids together, I had them in a previous relationship. But once my wife (then GF) met the kids, she was wonderful with them and loved them.”

The husband has been with his wife for four years and the issues around favouritism have only just come to light as he added: “Over the time that we have been together, there has never been any issues or doubts about her love to them, and their love to her.

“But now, I don't know how to feel.”

Having to play the role of a parent since the age of nine due to a rocky childhood, the husband admitted he did not want any more kids.

He continued: “Before we got married, I told her that I do not want any more kids because I have been basically raising kids since 9 or 10 years old.

“I told her that if I wasn't so "young and dumb" before, I probably wouldn't have kids currently (still love my kids with all my heart and I am trying to be the best dad I can be).

“She struggled with this information for some time, but has said that she does understand and still wants to be with me.”

As their relationship progressed the wife started to see her husband's kids as her own.

He added: “As we moved forward, she would call my kids 'our kids', and I have never had any issues with this, as she loves them, and they love her. “

Although the wife’s comment may seem like something said out of rage, the husband admitted that she confessed during a general chit chat in bed.

He continued: “This was said as pillow talk, no argument, no anger or anything. We were laying there talking about this and that, and just out of nowhere she hit me with that.

“I'm not saying that she has to love my kids or I am expecting her to have a certain type of love for them at all, but this just took me by surprise.”

“I understand that they are not 'hers'. And I really just want to try to understand her.”

Asking for help from fellow Reddit users, many people flocked to the comments to provide their opinion on the sticky situation.

And, many defended the wife.

One person commented: “The dog is the closest to being her own kid too. It's not a worthless being either, to be fair.”

Another user added: “I’m looking at this from her point of view, you’ve basically told her that she has to accept and care for your kids, which she has, but that she can’t have any of her own.”

“I can see why that might make her a bit resentful to be honest.”

Someone else said: “You could up and leave one day and take the kids, and your wife can’t do anything about it.

“I think she’s trying to spare herself heartache in case the worst happens.”

However, some people jumped to the husband's defence over the woman's remark.

One person commented: “She has no right to force him to have more kids. He was honest to her, she wasn’t.”

Someone else shared: “OK, a lot of people seem to agree that she is protecting herself and I understand that.

“But it is a whole different thing to say this to you. No matter the reason, why somebody would say something like that, the trust would be shattered for me.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the woman is in the wrong!

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