Mum shares time-saving packed lunch hack to make 12 sandwiches at once

Time-saving life hacks are all the rage – especially among parents – for a reason.

Even spare seconds can add up and make all the difference when you’ve got kids as well as yourself to look after every day.

For anyone looking to shave some time off of lunchtime meal prep, one mum has come up with a handy trick.

Instead of making several sandwiches for her kids’ packed lunches, one TikTok user buys a pack of 12 breadrolls and makes them all in one go.

In a clip sharing the hack, Lauren, who posts under the username lauren.clutter, demonstrated how she cuts all the rolls open as one and preps the lunches as if she’s making one big sandwich.

When the mono-sandwich is done, the mum then cuts it up into individual rolls and just like that, you’ve made enough sandwiches for at least one kid to get through a school week – two if they’re on the younger side or have smaller appetites.

In the video, Lauren makes a note that she’s making enough for ‘nine at a time’, but we see no reason why a pack of 12 rolls can’t be enough for 12 sandwiches.

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In the clip, which has earned over 135,000 likes so far, Lauren said: ‘You can either freeze them or refrigerate and grab out every day whenever you need to pack their lunch.’

This is also a great hack to use at BBQs or parties if you’re looking to make some speedy snacks, and it’s a great way to save time meal prepping each week for yourself too regardless of whether you’ve got kids.

The people in the comments seem impressed too, with one writing: ‘Not me, a teacher, taking notes for my own lunch’.

Another commenter said: ‘Not just one but two of my kids go to school this year so I needed this!’

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