Mum-of-seven devastated as botched eye lift leaves her scarred for life

A mum-of-seven been left scarred for life after a botched eye lift burnt her eyelids.

Lisa Shaw, 40, of Morecambe, Lancashire, was unhappy with her droopy eyes, so underwent a non invasive procedure; Fibroblast, which promised to lift and tighten her eyelids.

But instead of getting the wide eyes she'd always dreamed of – she was left with burnt, crusty eyelids and is now scarred for life.

Lisa, a stay-at-home mum, now wants to warn others to stay away from the procedure.

She said: "There is nothing I regret more than getting Fibroblast done.

"It promised to fix my eyes, but instead it completely ruined my face. Now I have permanent pink scarring and my confidence is shattered."

Since her twenties, Lisa hated her eyes and longed to have them re-shaped and widened.

She says: "My eye shape made me miserable.

"I hated how droopy and squinty-looking they were.

"I wanted to change the entire shape of them so that they'd look more open."

In September 2010, Lisa was forced to undergo corrective surgery after a breast enhancement left her botched.

Reluctant to go under the knife again, Lisa searched for a non-invasive procedure to fix her eyes.

Years later, in June 2017, Lisa discovered Fibroblast – which promised to tighten and lift her eyelids.

The procedure uses a plasma pen that causes a controlled superficial burn to restore the skin's natural elasticity.

Lisa said: "I paid £280 for the procedure and booked my appointment at a beauty salon.

"It was incredibly cheap compared to an actual eye lift which costs around £1,000.

"When I arrived at my appointment, I was told I didn't need anaesthetic and that I wouldn't experience any pain.

"But when the nurse started the treatment, I felt the skin above my eyes burning.

"It was the most excruciating pain I've ever felt.

"She was literally searing my skin off, and I could smell it burning.

"I started to scream in pain, but she told me that it was normal and not to panic."

Finally, after 20 minutes, the treatment was complete. But when Lisa looked in the mirror, she was horrified.

She said: "My eyelids were charred brown, they looked absolutely disgusting.

"And there were awful black dots burnt into the skin.

"I told the nurse that something was wrong, but she insisted it was all part of the process. But it didn't seem normal to me."

Reluctantly, Lisa left the salon and went home. Later that day, her eyes swelled up and were watering constantly.

The following day, they had fused shut.

She said: "I was forced to stay in bed all day, I couldn't do anything.

"I called the salon to complain, but despite my concerns, they told me my eyes needed time to heal.

"The next day I could finally open my eyes, but when I saw my face, it was so swollen.

"I looked like the Elephant Man.

"Meanwhile my eyelids were crusty and gross, I couldn't stop crying.

"Scared of anyone seeing me, I was forced to stay at home for weeks."

Over the next six weeks, scabs formed on Lisa's eyelids.

She added: "Once the burnt bits fell off, I was left with bright pink scarring.

"People thought I was wearing pink eye shadow. It was humiliating."

After making numerous complaints to the salon, Lisa was advised to wait six months for her eyes to fully heal. But by January 2018, her eyes were still scarred.

She said: "I was absolutely distraught.

"I stopped going out with my friends and avoided socialising.

"Now I have to use special make-up that is made for people with burns."

In March this year, Lisa was awarded £8,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement with the practitioner.

Lisa is hoping to undergo revision surgery to remove the scarring, which is expected to cost £5,000.

She said: "I was relieved I got the compensation, I'm going to put the money towards my revision surgery.

"I want to warn people to stay away from Fibroblast.

"It's shocking that a medical practitioner could botch such a procedure, especially in such a sensitive area.

"I couldn't believe I trusted someone to do this to my face.

"I've since discovered that anyone can do the procedure, and all they need to do is take a two-day course.

"I want to warn people to think twice before undergoing non-invasive treatments, sometimes they can be just as dangerous as surgery.

"My confidence has now been ruined. I'll never be the same again."

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