Motorist Miraculously Survives After Cement Truck Driver Loses Control and Crushes Minibus

The driver of a minibus is lucky to be alive after he was crushed by a cement truck that came barreling toward him as he sat in the front seat of his vehicle.

The terrifying incident unfolded on Nov. 3 on Wenhua Road in Dalian, China, according to Newsflare.

As shown in shocking security footage, the cement tanker was driving down the road when a car from the oncoming lane of traffic turned in front of it.

In an attempt to avoid colliding with the vehicle, the truck swerved out of the way but lost control and overturned.

As it flipped onto its side, the cement truck slammed into a minibus was parked on the side of the road, completely crushing the driver's side of the vehicle.

The truck then continued sliding down the road for another 20 meters (65.6 feet) before knocking off a lamp post and smashing into another car on the side of the road, Newsflare reported.

Fire officials were called to the scene and immediately worked to free the unidentified minibus driver from his flattened vehicle. In the footage, the man can be seen sitting motionless in the driver's seat with his legs hanging from the vehicle.

He was then pulled from the minibus by a group of firemen before being laid down on a stretcher and pushed into an ambulance.

Though the man suffered fractures to his leg, his injuries were not considered life-threatening, according to Newsflare.

The driver of the cement tanker also survived and managed to climb out of the truck by himself, witnesses told the outlet.

The incident remains under investigation by local authorities, according to Newsflare.

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