Model hits back at trolls who say they preferred her before she got ripped

Krissy Cela inspires and motivates women to get fit in a healthy and fun way.

She also provides real insight into her own fitness journey on Instagram.

The stunning fitness influencer and CEO boasts a whopping 2.4 million followers and often shares a very realistic approach to working out.

Although many may look at Krissy and be in awe of her toned body, some people haven't been as kind.

Krissy, who has been training to achieve her figure for five years, has had to deal with trolls.

Cruel keyboard warriors have sent her messages saying they prefer her "before" pics.

In her latest Instagram post, Krissy shared some of the nasty comments from the trolls.

The 25-year-old influencer and fitness mogul captioned the post: “I prefer the before more than the after.

“The words spoken by someone who truly will never understand, or take the time to understand what it has taken someone to dedicate pure resilience, discipline and consistency into their health and well-being.”

The motivational influencer then shared some of the comments she had received while blurring out the identities of the trolls.

One user commented: “Poor girl wrecked her boobs”

Another added: “I think her before picture was perfect. This is the problem with the world.”

And a third troll said: “Left is prettier…more feminine.”

Instead of letting negative comments about her appearance affect her, Krissy has celebrated her transformation.

She added: “This is also NOT about letting comments get to me, I’m so proud of me and my body!

“And this is NOT about shining light of negativity!”

She continued: “This isn’t about sympathy either, I’m a grown woman I can handle this!

"This is a reminder to anyone who’s had a comment lately and it’s stuck with you!”

Fans of the inspirational fitness CEO rushed to the comments to provide their support and share their relatable dealings with trolls.

One person commented: “Girl you’re better than that, do NOT forget that EVER period!!!!!!”

Another person noted they had experienced similar comments to Krissy.

They said: “I can seriously relate to this. What a beautiful caption , you’re stunning always!”

And a third user said: “All them comments seem like a "THEM" problem to me. You are you, you are a queen.”

Go Krissy!

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