McDonald's now delivers click and collect orders to your car at 24 restaurants – see the full list

MCDONALD’S has expanded its car park click and collect takeaway service to 24 restaurants.

This includes the three branches that had already been named as part of the initial test run for its "Click. Park. Collect".

The new car service lets customers make their order on the free McDonald's app, wait in the car park and then have the food delivered to their window.

Motorists will be signposted to special parking bays when they arrive and you then add the bay number to the order when you pay.

The idea is to save diners time waiting around in long drive-thru queues.

When McDonald's first reopened drive-thrus after coronavirus lockdown, some fans had to wait up to three hours in a queue.

McDonald’s car park click and collect

MCDONALD’S has expanded its car park click and collect takeaway service to 21 more restaurants.

This is on top of the three branches that were already running the new scheme.

Here's where you can test it out:

  • Bawtry Road, Rotherham
  • Canklow, Rotherham
  • Parkgate, Rotherham
  • Doncaster Dome
  • Balby, Doncaster
  • Centurion Way, Doncaster
  • Salford
  • Urmston
  • Eccles
  • Llanelli
  • Bristol Hengrove
  • Leytonstone DT
  • Bristol Longwell Green
  • Dover – Whitfield
  • Ashford Orbital Park
  • Newport Road, Cardiff
  • Cardiff Bay Retail, Cardiff
  • Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff
  • Capitol Shopping, Cardiff
  • Yorkshire Grey
  • Woolwich 3

First three restaurants taking part in the trial:

  • Lytham
  • Royston
  • Biggleswade

Announcing the initial trial last month, McDonald’s said it could roll the service out nationwide if it proves popular.

There’s been no update on whether it plans on introducing it in more restaurants just yet.

Click and collect from McDonald's is free, so it won't cost you extra to order food from your car.

You'll just need to make sure you have the My McDonald's smartphone downloaded on your phone – this is available to both iPhone and Android users.

Writing to customers, Paul Pomroy, chief executive officer for McDonald's UK and Ireland, said: "This week, we've trialled Click. Park. Collect in 24 restaurants, enabling food to be delivered to your parked car via the My McDonald's app.

"We've introduced Apple Pay too, to provide even greater convenience for those seeking contact-free ways to order and pay through the app."

The Sun has asked McDonald's whether customers will be able to order before they arrive or whether they need the bay number to do so.

It's also yet to confirm what happens if there aren't any free parking bays, so we'll update this article once we hear back.

McDonald's has been reopening its restaurants in phases for either home delivery, takeaway or drive-thru orders.

It now has more than 1,260 sites open for business, although not all branches offer every method of ordering.

Customers are being advised to use the McDonald's restaurant locator to check what their local is doing, as well as the latest opening times.

The fast food chain is currently running a reduced menu to maintain social distancing between kitchen staff.

McDonald's temporarily shut all 1,350 restaurants on March 23 amid the coronavirus lockdown.

If you plan on visiting a Maccies, you'll be asked to wear a face mask if you're just collecting food and not sitting in.

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