Man buys scratch card with £1 coins and becomes a millionaire

A caretaker bought two Lotto scratchcards with 10 £1 coins he found in his pocket, and became an instant millionaire.

Kevin Francis, 61, bought two £5 Merry Millions cards for partner Brenda, 75, who has mobility problems, and hit the jackpot with one of them.

He said: “Brenda is not very well so the odd scratchcard is something of a treat. I rarely buy them myself so I don’t know what made me put my hand in my pocket to find exactly £10 in £1 coins, and then opt for two £5 cards.

“I can’t help thinking it’s a catalogue of events which combined to create an amazing result.”

Kevin scratched the cards later that afternoon and matched three symbols in a row next to the “£1M” prize pot indicator.

He said: “I kept turning the scratchcard over to be sure that the £1M did mean £1million. I must have been in shock because I didn’t tell Brenda for an hour or so. When I did tell her we’d won £1million she thought I was winding her up.”

Calm Kevin waited until the next day before taking the card back to the shop where he bought it to be checked.

He said: “You have to stop yourself and have a bit of a chill out.”

Kevin said he would not splash out on sports cars or exotic holidays but will use part of his win on learning to sail.

He said: “I’ve lived by the sea all my life and I’ve always wanted to learn to sail but I’ve never had the time or the money. I can afford to do it now.”

Kevin, who has two children and a grandchild, will also help out family and have his house in Fareham, Hants, adapted to make life easier for Brenda.

He insists he will not be giving up work. He said: “My family keeps asking if I’ll retire but I’m happy in my work.”

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