Malika Haqq Warned OT Genasis About Messing with 'Hoes' After Fan DMs Her Screenshots

Haqq says it “sucks” to see her ex out with other women while she’s pregnant with their child.

Malika Haqq and OT Genasis may not be a couple, but some of their fans still act like they are — warning Malika about him being with other women.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Haqq reacts to a message she got from one of her followers sharing a screenshot of her ex and father of her child flirting with another woman over DM.

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“I responded to her and I was like, not my man, not my problem,” Haqq told Khloe Kardashian, who was shocked she would even reply. “He can do whatever he wants with his time, I don’t care,” added Malika, “And then she responded back, ‘Love it, love you, you’re doing great.’ I don’t even know who the hell she thinks she is, it’s funny.”

In a confessional, the pregnant reality star said she doesn’t “want to deal with the scrutiny or what people on the outside have to say about OT and what he’s doing.”

“Why do I still want to hear about what my ex is doing, it’s none of my business,” she continued. “Ultimately, there’s not much of it that I can avoid and to be quite honest with you, it’s uncomfortable when you’re carrying someone’s child.”

After getting the DM, she took to her Instagram Story to tell her fans to leave her out of the loop when it comes to OT going forward.

“Please stop sending me my ex’s news,” she wrote at the time. “I am single. Not my business. And when I get some news hold that too.”

She said she also sent her post to OT himself, adding, “Please don’t play yourself, you’re gonna end up on a blog playing with these hoes. She’s cute though, lol.” He denied there was anything going on, saying he doesn’t “talk to bitches that wear pink hair.”

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Kardashian wondered whether OT ever comes clean about his behavior, with Malika admitting she “clowns him about it” regularly.

“I feel like I’m looking out for him. Look, the bottom line is, we’re gonna be attached to each other for the rest of our child’s life, I really don’t want you to look stupid,” she added. “This is how these bitches do you, they come back to me and tell me everything. In real life, I don’t even want to know, but my real loyalty is to him, so I tell him.”

The clip ends with Haqq in a confessional, admitting that her life has “changed so much” since becoming pregnant — and it “sucks” to see her ex out clubbing with other women. “Like, all I want to do is have fun too,” she added, “but it’s uncomfortable when you’re pregnant.”

Malika and OT welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Ace, back in March 2020.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” airs Thursdays on E!

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