Lush launches new range for curly and Afro hair – and we put it to the test

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If you have curly or Afro hair then you know how hard it can be to find good new products that work for you – especially on a high-street budget. But now Lush is looking to shake up everyone’s curly hair routine with six new products designed with Afro hair in mind.

The range includes almost everything you need for your wash-day routine, including a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave in-spray, oil and a curl cream. Even better, the products start at just £10.

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The brand even teamed up with Afro hair specialist Sarah Sango to develop the Afro Haircare range. Since she has over 20 years of experience working in the hair industry, we've all been expecting big things from the collection, which has just launched to much consumer excitement.

To check out the results beauty writer Akesha Reid put the collection to the test…

Akesha says:

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You’d be hard-pressed to get me to completely change my wash-day routine, but I have to say I was so intrigued by this Lush launch that I ditched my regulars to give it a go.

Despite Lush's overwhelming number of ace hair and body items on offer, there wasn’t much in the way of products for Black hair –but this launch certainly has changed things, as it provides a full washing and styling line-up for anyone with textured hair.

To begin my wash-day, I started with the Avocado Co-Wash. Now, not to kick things off on a negative note, but I didn’t love this. It smells incredible – like fizzy sherbet lime sweets – but I couldn’t get enough product off the bar and onto my hands for me to cover my hair easily.

I then opted for the Glory Conditioner as it’s aimed for those that need moisture – and my hair is extremely thirsty. The Power Conditioner is moisturising too; however it uses protein to strengthen. Since the Curl Cream also includes protein, I didn't want to overwhelm my hair with too much as can make it feel brittle.

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The Glory Conditioner is one of the best conditioners I've used in a long time. The okra in the formula (which isn’t a common ingredient and I reckon will become more prominent soon!) gave my hair a smooth, slippy feel. It truly made detangling a dream.

When it came to post-wash, I used the Super Milk along with the cream and oil, to fully follow the LCO (liquid or leave-in conditioner, cream and oil) method that's popular in the curly hair community.

When I unravelled my plaits the next morning, my hair was super-shiny and bouncy, and I was honestly stunned. The only thing I think this range is missing is a gel as so many people follow the "Curly Girl Method" – where you use a gel to hold your curls instead of a cream.

However, Lush says that this is just the start so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next product drop!

Shop the full range here:

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Avocado Co-Wash, £10 here

This was a part of Lush’s existing product line-up but has been reformulated without SLS – an ingredient that can be drying for curly and Afro hair types. It contains fresh avocado and potassium which help to condition and deeply moisturise the hair.

Power Conditioner, £18 here

This conditioner contains maple syrup to plump up your hair's volume by swelling the hair cuticle. It's also super-strengthening.

Glory Conditioner, £18 here

The Glory conditioner contains magnesium-rich okra gel which thickens hair cuticles, adds volume and conditions.

Super Milk Conditioning Spray, £23.50 here

This leave-in treatment is packed with almond, coconut and oat milks to hydrate and condition without weighing down curls and coils.

Renee’s Hair Souffle Hair and Scalp Oil, £21.50 here

Based on a family recipe for a homemade hair treatment, this is a real treat for the hair and scalp, and is packed with shea butter to lock in moisture.

Curl Power, £18 here

Smooth this through towel-dried hair after your leave-in conditioner for hold and protective hydration.

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