Lil Nas X goes to prison in pink for shocking Industry Baby video

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After weeks of a hyped legal battles with Nike over his “Satanic Shoes” and backlash over his steamy BET Awards make out session, Lil Nas X has landed himself in Montero State Prison.

Yes, the controversial 22-year-old rapper dons a hot pink prison uniform in the raunchy new video for his new song “Industry Baby.” (Warning: Don’t watch the clip above — which already has nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube as of Friday morning — if you are easily offended.)

Prior to the overnight release of his latest clip and track, Lil Nas X created a fictional storyline — as he is increasingly apt to do — to amplify the hype and excitement for the upcoming hit.

Following the “Satanic Panic” sparked by his “Montero” music video where he infamously danced on Satan’s lap, he customized a pair of Nike sneakers, which the athletics brand did not want to be associated with.

From that controversy, “Industry Baby” — featuring emerging rapper Jack Harlow, 23 — was born.

Opening the song with an onslaught of trumpet horns, he announces his arrival at the fictional prison, declaring triumphantly in the chorus, “This one for the champions.”

The outrageous video, which premiered with the confident anthem overnight Thursday, depicts Lil Nas X’s journey in prison, including a scene of him and a chorus of men dancing full-frontal — with some blurring — nude in communal showers.

Next, he creates a man-sized hole in his cell wall to make his escape.

The Georgia native also uses the controversy surrounding his last hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” to fuel the tension and power in the song. In the video, a security guard, played by “Teen Wolf” actor Colton Haynes, is too distracted by the the NFSW “Montero” music video to notice the rapper’s prison break.

Lil Nas X is known for engaging in the controversy and internet drama, playing into it to build hype, turning the haters on their heads. Fellow rapper Harlow makes a guest appearance in the song, shown hooking up with a female prison guard and helping Lil Nas X escape.

Still, to avoid as much backlash as “Montero,” Lil Nas X tweeted a disclaimer for parents and the faint of heart.

“Saying this in advance so y’all won’t blame me,” he wrote. “THE INDUSTRY BABY VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!”

Meanwhile, fans were quick to react to the video, which, in true Lil Nas X fashion, puts his sexuality on display.

“Me waiting for the line about being gay in any Lil Nas X song,” tweeted a fan.

“I’m glad gay black boys have Lil Nas X,” Maura Chanz, a creative executive and producer, posted on Twitter following the video’s premiere.

Other viewers were just in awe of the rapper’s musical genius and creativity for his video campaign.

“I’m in love,” wrote one another user, “Lil Nas X never disappoints.”

“I become 10% gayer every time I read a ‘we get it you’re gay’ comment,” tweeted Lil Nas X in response to the fan reactions.

He’s already promising an uncensored X-rated cut of the music video if he can get enough cliks and likes on Twitter.

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