LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her Treatment for 'Anxiety and Depression'

“It was the best gift I could’ve given myself.”

LeAnn Rimes is sharing her story about seeking help for “anxiety and depression.”

In a clip from her interview on Wednesday’s “The Tamron Hall Show,” per People, the singer, 38, discussed her decision to go to a mental health facility back in 2012.

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“It was the best gift I could’ve given myself,” she said. “I constantly had people around me my whole life, whether it be parents, my ex-husband, a manager or agent, all the world’s eyes were on me constantly.”

“Talk about codependency,” the recent winner of “The Masked Singer” continued. “I had never been alone really until being in treatment for anxiety and depression.”

In 1997, at the age of 14, LeAnn became the youngest artist to win a Grammy, taking home Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her rendition of “Blue.” She would go on to make 15 more albums and work on countless TV and film projects.

“It felt like somebody plugged me into a wall socket and left me on,” LeAnn said. “I needed to figure out how to unravel from that and bring myself back.”

The star said she knew she “needed help,” even though she was “scared to be alone.”

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“I needed to gather those pieces and bring those back into wholeness,” LeAnn explained. “All those pieces I had rejected about myself, learn how to love them and realize that the totality of me is lovable not just the LeAnn Rimes that’s projected into the world that everybody wanted to be this perfect little girl.”

“It was the totality of me that could come to the table and have a voice.”

In October, LeAnn opened up about another health struggle in a powerful essay on her decades-long battle with psoriasis for Glamour.

She was diagnosed with the disorder by two years old and by age six, “80 percent” of her body was “covered in painful red spots.”

“I tried everything I could to treat it: steroid creams, major medications — I even tried being wrapped in coal tar with Saran Wrap,” LeAnn wrote. “And when I was in public, I did everything I could to hide it. Onstage I’d often wear two pairs of pantyhose or jeans — even in 95-degree heat. Underneath my shirt, my whole stomach would be covered in thick scales that would hurt and bleed. For so much of my life, I felt like I had to hide.”

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“Finally in my 20s, I found a treatment that seemed to help keep my skin clear,” she continued. “As my condition improved, I stretched out the amount of time between each of my shots until I felt at ease going off them two and a half years ago. And then the beginning of this year happened. All hell broke loose in the world — and inside of me, as I’m sure it did for so many other people amid this pandemic. Suddenly I went from doing what I love, and being surrounded by people, to just hanging around the house in sweats. Stress is a common trigger for psoriasis, and with so much uncertainty happening, my flare-ups came right back.”

LeAnn said she shared her story in hopes to “give a voice” to others who may be struggling with similar challenges.

“So much of my journey, both personally and within my creations, my new chant record and podcast coming out soon, has been excavating pieces that I’ve been hiding and bringing them to the light,” she said. “It’s been and still is a journey of allowing them out and welcoming and reintegrating those fragments back into wholeness.”

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