Kristina & Faith’s Relationship Is Just As Complicated After Filming ‘Catfish’

"This is so complicated" was the subject of the email that began Kristina and Faith’s Catfish episode. A conflicted Kristina emailed Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis about a girl online named Faith, who she grew close with unbeknownst to her fiancée, Sami. The routine red flags were there — no video chats or social media or even a last name were shared — but still, Kristina was willing to jeopardize her engagement to explore her newfound… faith.

When Kristina reached out to Catfish, she told Sami. They broke off the engagement, but continued living together, and Sami was even present when Nev and Tallulah arrived. She also insisted on joining their trip to Michigan’s frozen upper peninsula to be there for Kristina if Faith wasn’t the person she said she was. It was the first time Catfish brought an S.O. along for the ride.

In the end, Sami’s attendance turned out to be super convenient — maybe even too convenient. After they were stranded by a blizzard and unable to reach Faith, she broke down and admitted that she was Faith all along.

Sami apparently posed as Faith in order to temptKristina in an online chatroom. They started talking, and Sami enjoyed their connection so much that she couldn’t let it go. Kristina was shocked, but not upset, because she knew that Sami’s intentions were good. Ultimately, the experience helped Kristina realize that she needed time for herself, and they agreed to end their romantic relationship.

In her two month follow-up video chat, Kristina said that Sami was living down the street from her, and that they were rebuilding their friendship and focusing on themselves. According to Nev’s Twitter, their episode was filmed in January. As of June, Kristina’s relationship status on Facebook is single.

On June 1, Kristina wrote a lengthy status that vaguely discussed her relationship issues and need for a friend. "I’m not ready for another relationship, I’m not ready to be in a relationship," she wrote. "I don’t know what I need to do to find myself but I do know I need friends who aren’t interested in anymore than friends, I need friends who if they say they’re gonna be there, they are. I want to be able to come and hang out and vise versa, I don’t wanna feel like I’m not good enough for people anymore dawg. I don’t mean to be depressing or whatever but it sucks not having anyone to goof off with and actually enjoys your company other than then faking it because they feel bad for you or they just want something more."

This status, although ambiguous, could mean that her "just friends" relationship with Sami didn’t work out. But she’s at least continuing to work on herself like she mentioned when Catfish checked in. Sami’s Facebook profile is set to private, but her cover photo is one of her engagement with Kristina. Unfortunately, after the show, things seem to be just as complicated as they were when Kristina emailed Catfish looking for answers.

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