Keke Palmer Says Boyfriend Darius Jackson Has Been 'Unbelievable Support' During Pregnancy

"I've only ever really had that kind of support from my family—and it's funny, because now we are family."

Keke Palmer has a rock in her boyfriend Darius Jackson!

The 29-year-old “Nope” actress gushed to Vanity Fair about the immense support she’s gotten from Jackson throughout their pregnancy.

“I’ve had unbelievable support,” Palmer said. “It’s the first scenario for both of us and it’s been an incredibly fun ride.”

The “Scream Queens” star confessed she’s never felt support like this before, and cited the loneliness she’s felt throughout her impressive career.

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“I have a very lonely career, and also a very overwhelming career,” Palmer said, before using her December 2022 stint on “Saturday Night Live” as an example of her busy schedule. “You have to get really focused and the people around you have to be prepared for whatever it does to you. I felt the support of my partner during that in a way that’s not anything I have had before.”

She continued, “Ever since I met him, [he’s shown] a selflessness. Making sure that I’m not alone, making sure I have support. I think that’s all you can ask from anyone. And I’ve only ever really had that kind of support from my family—and it’s funny, because now we are family.”

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The “True Jackson VP” actress also opened up about her pregnancy journey thus far.

“I’m so happy for my child! Pregnancy is a road. I remember my doctor saying, ‘Pregnancy isn’t a disease. It’s a natural thing! You don’t have to feel like you’re walking on eggshells,'” she recalled.

Though Keke expected to feel a dramatic shift in her personality, she said she was pleasantly surprised to find she has felt like her usual self.

“I honestly feel like the same old me [at] six months along,” she said. “I really expected something so dramatic. But I’m just pregnant. I have something that’s moving around in there every now and then. That part is creepy sometimes.”

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