Ivanka Trump and Melania’s relationship indicates they are ‘like-minded’ and ‘competitive’

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Ivanka Trump, daughter and senior advisor to Donald has been Melania’s stepdaughter since the couple married in 2005. Melania is the stepmother of the President’s four children, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump, who are from the President’s previous marriage with Ivana. Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James has shared how their relationship with each other shows signs of competitiveness. 

The First Lady and first daughter can be seen supporting Donald at nearly all of the events he attends. 

They both have roles in the White House but are rarely seen communicating or showing affection towards one another. 

With Ivanka being just 11 years younger, Judi explains that their body language shows they are “like-minded” whilst also being “competitive” with each other. 

Looking at a series of photos of the pair together, the body language expert has shared an insight into their relationship. 

Judi explained: “These two women appear to share the trait of image perfection, with both being perfectly coiffed, styled and groomed to within an inch of their lives at all times. 

“This carefully-manicured look reflects in their body language too, which is measured and self-contained in their public appearances, with little if any displays of anything close to spontaneity and emotion.”

Ivanka and Melania are known for their stylish and manicured looks with their hair and makeup always looking perfect.

Judi continued: “The effort to achieve these high levels of perfection at all times suggests some form of like-minded thinking between Ivanka and her step-mother Melania.”

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The body language experts that although this could indicate competition between them, their similar body language suggests that Ivanka could look up to Melania. 

She said: “It could be a sign of a more competitive relationship but when these two women are together in public the mirrored posture and walking styles hint more are some form of role-modeling.”

The pair are rarely seen talking to one another and often stand on either side of Donald at events. 

Judi explains that this could be because they are staying professional when surrounded by people and cameras. 

She added: “Enigmatic rituals with perfect smiles and what can look like no real touch or shared ‘moments’ of a more relaxed nature can be a sign of a more professional public veneer as well, though.”

With the upcoming election, Donald has been campaigning more than ever which has meant that Ivanka and Melania have spent more time together than usual.

Judi went on: “As Trump’s presidency has worn on the two women do seem to have been closer in terms of proximity.

“This would suggest Trump has been keen to show his close relatives in a family situation as well as dividing them between members and non-members of his working team.

“Their current line-up formations do suggest they are united in their support for Trump as he moves towards another election.”

The two women are often seen presenting the same kind of body language when at events like sitting upright.

The body language expert said: “The way both women adopt similar poses, with a swan-like look of long-necked, upright elegance does hint at some kind of mentoring relationship or at least a desire to present more of a mother/daughter vibe. 

“There are no real signs of the kind of intimate, knowing tie-signs that you might get between a mother and her daughter in a close relationship but as this is a step-mother and daughter relationship it might easily be more complex historically.”

Donald married his previous wife Ivana in 1977 before divorcing in 1992. 

Melania and Donald then met in Manhattan, New York in 1998 and have been together ever since. 

Judi explains that when in public, Ivanka and Melania have learnt to perfect their smiles which could be unauthentic. 

She said: “Like our royals, both women have perfected public smiles that give little away about authentic pleasure, happiness or good-humour, but when we see them smile face-to-face here the reflection of Melania’s face in Ivanka’s mirrored sunglasses does show that the smiling looks mutual and evenly performed. 

“With no featured moments of more relaxed, playful hugging or touch or eye-contact between the women we’re going to have to remember that every shot we see of them entails them being surrounded by photographers though.”

In some scenarios, Melania can be seen looking away from her stepdaughter which could be a trait of dislike towards her. 

However Judi explains that this may be down towards her strong neutral facial expressions. 

She said: “Like Melania’s relationship with her husband, any genuine insights seem to have been veiled by the industrial-strength perfection of Melania’s facial expression.”

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