Inside Dirty Disco club where dancers twerk in fishnets and serve £1.50 drinks

A club in Portsmouth is becoming an international success – and it's all thanks to their videos on TikTok.

Astoria Nightclub has grown in popularity in recent months thanks to videos the staff have been uploading of their attractive host and hostesses, which have gained millions of views.

In the clips, scantily clad men and women dance, serve drinks and wave around sparklers to the delight of attentive guests.

For Halloween alone, Astoria and the adjoining Mr Miyagi's bar were the most popular venues in the area. Over 2,000 people packed them out, including Love Island star Demi Jones and her pals.

Each Tuesday, Astoria throws a mid-week club night called Dirty Disco, where drinks are £1.50 drinks and there are three rooms of music.

The site reads: "This event has dominated the weekly calendar on the south-coast for over ten years, so come and join the biggest crowd in town along with our sexy dirty disco hosts, fire breathers, stilt walkers and DJs."

Amy Simmonds, 25, is the event manager for Dirty Disco, which she said was started by students of Portsmouth University.

"I have a diverse team of 14 men and women from Portsmouth University students, Portsmouth locals and even surrounding areas who want to be part of the team," she told Daily Star.

"Their role is to host the night, so this can involve greeting customers, going round the venue with the club photographer to jump in photos and taking VIP bottles out with sparklers.

"They also promote our night on their own social media accounts, using current and relevant photos, videos or TikToks that we have created.

"The night is jam-packed full of entertainment with performances from our fire performers, our well-known confetti party where we set off a large number of confetti canons."

Amy's job entails the smooth running of the event, recruitment of the team and running the Dirty Disco social media accounts.

She also organises themed nights and has made the costumes for each of the hosts and hostesses.

They have previously had a Baywatch themed evening and for Halloween, the theme was the movie Saw.

"A lot of hours and hard work went into making the costumes, from stencilling 13 spirals, cutting them out, placing them onto the bra's with strong glue and allowing them to set in place. It took around an hour a bra", she revealed.

They also made glittery bow ties and cut up the shirts that they bought to suit the costume.

Amy and her team paired this with black boots, fishnets and hotpants.

She added: "The girls looked amazing!

"The boys wore open shirts with the red braces, red bow ties a red spiral stencilled on their cheeks using UV paint and our traditional Dirty Disco stamp on their shirts."

Jade Ayling, 20, started working for Astoria four months ago and has so far loved every minute of it.

"They reached out to me on Instagram. I always knew about Astoria because I'd been there before but I didn't know too much about the Dirty Disco," she said.

Her evening usually starts around 9.30, which is when the girls and guys meet up to get ready for the night ahead.

"We're all like a family, every single person gets along really well, everyone is really friendly," she told us.

"We take turns doing the scanners to let people in, some of us will go to the basement to get people dancing and in the mood and some of us will go to the balcony to do the same, while others will be taking down bottles to the VIP.

"We wear a leotard and boots with high socks and then have special costumes for Halloween, Christmas and special events which are all made by Amy."

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