How to keep towels fluffy without a tumble dryer

Towels start off fluffy and absorbent, but can quickly lose their texture and become hard from multiple washes.

A new technique from cleaning blogger home.with.leanne may keep them at their best for longer, and save you money in the long-run.

Posted to Instagram, Australian mum Leanne showed how she slightly alters her detergent amount when putting towels in the machine.

Instead of using a full capful (or the recommended amount from the manufacturer) use half of that in the drawer.

Then, add half a cup of white cleaning vinegar, which can be bought from most household stores for pennies.

This also goes in the machine drawer, and can be spread across the different compartments to be released at different times during the cycle.

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Leanne then says: ‘Set your machine to a regular wash, 60 degrees and 600 to 800 spin speed.’

She got the tip from a fellow Instagrammer, and says it’s kept her towels looking brand new ever since.

It does make sense, as the acetic acid in the vinegar breaks down excess detergent and build-up in the fibres, which is what tends to reduce the absorbency of your towels in the first place.

If you’re using extra detergent, you’re not upping the cleaning powder, just ensuring it sticks to the material past the rinse cycle. Fabric softener makes this problem worse.

For those who’ve already gone a bit too far with their detergent usage, the best thing to do is ‘strip wash’ your towels first.

Then, you can use Leanne’s tip to keep them in all their cloud-like glory for years to come.

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