How Dreamy Are the 'Southern Charm' Fairytale Treehouses?

Although there was tension with the ladies on Southern Charm, it quickly melted away when they arrived at their fairytale vacation destination.

During an episode of the show, the women decide to take a girls’ trip. They become alarmed when trip organizer, Kathryn Dennis goes MIA. But she shows up immediately before they depart on their road trip. The women are worried Dennis is struggling again, but she insists she was just busy visiting her new boyfriend.

If Dennis needed a good diversion from the scrutiny, she certainly picked the right spot. She and the ladies experience one of the more creative local trips on Bravo–luxury treehouse vacationing.

The most luxurious treehouse experience in the world

The Southern Charm cast visited Bolt Farm Luxury Treehouses. They marvel that the dwellings look like something out a fairytale, which is so accurate. The treehouses each have a distinct design and are luxury all the way.

The company refers to the property as providing “the most luxurious treehouse experience in the world.” A video of the rustic resort is certainly designed to tantalize customers. The treehouse dream was created by Seth and Tori Bolt with the goal of providing the “ultimate blend of childhood fun and grown up luxury.”

The treehouses are also eco-friendly and tech-free. The idea is to provide adults with an opportunity to bathe in nature. While at the same time, being surrounded by luxury and comfort. The company has two locations in South Carolina. One in Walhalla and the new location is in Charleston.

Each treehouse has its own personality

Vacationers are treated to a unique experience with each treehouse. The treehouses are also aptly named and impeccably designed. For instance, the Wildflower treehouse includes a gorgeous chandelier and rich, ornate decor.

If you are looking for something more shabby chic, the Living Room treehouse might be your cozy spot. Awash in white and crystal, the Living Room space looks like a designer’s fairytale treasure.

The resort also offers a Honeymoon treehouse, which takes luxury to the next level. This dreamy one bedroom, one bath treehouse provides the ultimate romantic getaway for any couple. Clad in whitewash, glass, and crystal, visitors can also chill in the private hot tub. Plus enjoy some waterside dining.

The ladies looked right at home

As the cast explored the property, each treehouse took the ladies’ breath away. The ladies have the choice between the Wildflower and Living Room treehouses. The Bolts are on hand to explain that the women are also visiting Deep Water Vineyard. Then they would have a private chef prepare them dinner in the Honeymoon treehouse.

Everyone seems enthralled with the beauty surrounding them. Dennis decides to bunk in the Wildflower treehouse with Danni Baird and Naomi Olindo. So Cameran Eubanks and Chelsea Meissner stay in the Living Room treehouse. Even though the Wildflower treehouse has only one bedroom, it comes with two beds. Perfect for three friends.

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