Hilary Duff Just Got New Bangs — and She Looks Just Like Lizzie McGuire

The journey to finding the perfect new haircut isn't always a straightforward one. There's tons of scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, and maybe even polling your friends to get their opinions. If you still can't make up your mind, a surefire way to getting a style that you're happy with is to look back at one of your old favorite cuts. 

That's exactly what Hilary Duff did when she visited Nikki Lee, her go-to hairstylist and co-founder of Nine Zero One Salon in L.A. Late last month, Lee gave the star long, center-parted, '70s-style feathered bangs. Now, almost a month later, it looks like Duff was in the mood to switch up her hair again — and channel another decade with her new look. 

Last night on her Instagram Story, Duff showed off her fresh set of bangs and another haircut. Lee took a few good inches off of her length and a bang trim. For any Lizzie McGuire fans, the actress' new look may look familiar. 

In an interview with Refinery29, Duff confirmed that her beloved early '00s Disney Channel character was the inspiration for the cut. "I kind of have been itching for my Lizzie McGuire bangs for awhile," she said. "She had a wild time with her hair. There were no rules. There were blue hair scrunchies and all kinds of crazy shit. There are some things like topknot buns and crimping… I feel like that could be a thing again."

VIDEO: Hilary Duff Just Got the ’70s Haircut You’re About to See Everywhere This Summer

Does this mean that we can expect to see Duff wearing a scrunchie or butterfly clips this summer? Hair accessories have been one of 2019's biggest hair trends, so hey, it's possible. 

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