Hilarious monikers found by Petfinder Names include dog called Plague

Barking mad! Twitter users reveal the most ridiculous pet names they’ve come across, including ‘Plague’ the Chihuahua and a tabby called ‘Times New Roman’

  • Bored Panda compiled the gallery of snaps from Twitter page Petfinder Names
  • Names given to pets include cats called Business Frog, Mosquito and Mr Toast
  • One guinea pig was called Constructive Criticism while another pet was Velcro  

Trying to find the perfect name for a new pet can prove to be quite the struggle. 

But it’s fair to say some pet owners from across the globe really thought outside the box when it came to settling on a name for their furry friend.

Among the more unusual monikers, which were initially posted on Twitter page Petfinder Names before being compiled on Bored Panda, include ‘Times New Roman’ and ‘Plague.’

Some dog names ranged from hysterical to just outright bizarre, with one being called Jake Gyllenpaws – a play on the name of Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Elsewhere, a cat was called Big Mac – likely in homage to McDonald’s famous burger.    

Bored Panda has compiled a hilarious gallery of snaps to reveal the very unusual names pet owners from across the globe have given their furry friends – including one cat named Times New Roman

This 27-week-old chihuahua, who is pictured wearing an adorable blue bow tie, was given the rather unusual name Plague 

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Likely to be named after the famous McDonald’s burger, this green-eyed cat was called Big Mac

This hilarious name indicates how one owner may be feeling towards their pet, as they named the cat Freeloader 

One guinea pig was given the hysterical name Constructive Criticism – but it is unclear why it was given such an unusual name  

One young four-month-old pup’s moniker was a play on the name of Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal

One chihuahua, who is a little bit on the chubby side, was given the name, Thicken Nugget 

A young black cat, who is described as being a domestic short hair, was given the absolutely bonkers name Business Frog

This California cat, who doesn’t seem very pleased to be getting his photograph taken, is named the perfectly gentlemanly Mr Toast 

This adult domestic short hair is called Big Boy Beef, but it is not clear where he got his name from 

Perhaps suggesting that they are always by your side, one little black kitten who boasts a very animated adoption snap, is called Velcro 

Appearing very smug in his picture, this little 26-week-old chihuahua may be fitting of his name Naughty Wilbur 

One little Siamese kitten, who has blue eyes and white fur, couldn’t be further from her name, which is after the insect Mosquito 

Appearing very happy in his picture, this adult lizard was given the very long name Sunflower aka Train Wreck

Names on the list ranged from hilarious to bizarre, like this domestic short hair cat named neuroscientist 

One hilarious name for this horse, which is described as Senior, was Slurpee on the advertisement 

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