Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton ‘Can’t Afford’ Adam Levine As A Wedding Singer

It seems that in the tight-knit circle of multi-million dollar recording artists, the friend’s discount doesn’t apply. This was made quite clear in the latest SiriusXM’s The Morning Mashup, in which Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, jokingly says that friends Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton couldn’t afford him to sing at their wedding!

Shelton and Levine have had friendly banter ever since their time as judges on The Voice. The wedding performance debacle first caught wind when Shelton appeared on the Late Night With Seth Meyers back in December of last year. The country star boasts that his years alongside Levine on The Voice have taxed the singer “a lot of favors.” Case in point – Maroon 5 being the entertainment for his and Stefani’s tying the knot.

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Shelton tells Meyers, “He owes me a lot for just putting up with him over the years, so we can get Adam to come to be our wedding band. Not maybe, we are going to.”

Levine jokingly thought otherwise.

“I was at home in quarantine watching late at night, watching Seth Meyers, he says on the Morning Mashup, “And he’s talking and they’re talking about marriage and [Shelton] is like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to get Adam Levine to come to play, he doesn’t know it yet.”

“And I’m sitting there in bed, eating popcorn,” Levine goes on, “and I’m like, ‘Man, f— you, I’m not coming to play your wedding.”

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The joke is out of pure fun and is completely harmless – as the couple’s combined $250 net worth makes it hard to believe that they couldn’t handle the bill.

While Levine told the Morning Mashup that he hadn’t officially been asked – and that the couple will probably book someone like Luke Bryan – another huge fixture in the pop world had put her hat in the ring a while ago.

After Stefani retweeted a clip from Miley Cyrus’s NPR Tiny Desk performance, the former child star, turned rocker expressed a whole lot of interest in the wedding.

“I’ll be your wedding singer!” tweets Cyrus, “I promise to be on my best behavior. Or worst. whatever you want! It’s your special day!”

It’s nice to see these celebs poking fun at one another, as they’re all friends who admittedly text amidst media circulation. Though, we’re waiting to see who’s lucky enough to perform at this highly anticipated, star-studded wedding.

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