Furious homeowner leaves note on parked ambulance calling crew 'dumb***'

<p>A crew of life saving paramedics returned to their ambulance to find an insulting note slapped on the windscreen.</p>
<p>The crude sign aimed at the emergency service workers criticised them for parking their vehicle over the householder&apos;s drive.</p>
<p>&quot;Dumbass!&quot; the note, which was covered by plastic to protect it from the elements, exclaimed.</p>
<p>&quot;You are fully blocking my driveway!&quot;</p>
<p>South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust said the crew were on a 999 call in Lymington, Hampshire.</p>
<p> The service posted a photo of the note on its Twitter account above a caption defending its paramedics. </p>
<p>&quot;Sadly, Zoe &amp; Chris came back to this in in Lymington, Hampshire, today,&quot; the post explained.</p>
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<p>&quot;It&apos;s not always possible to park without obstructing traffic flow or driveways as parking further away could add minutes to our arrival time that the patient simply doesn&apos;t have.</p>
<p>Mark Davis, South Central Ambulance Service governor, expressed his disappointment at the note. </p>
<p>“Disgusting to see, very sad that some people do not appreciate that amazing work our clinicians do every day of the week,&quot; he wrote.</p>
<p>The trust, which serves more than seven million people across an area comprising of Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire has received 800 supportive comments after posting the note.</p>
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<p>Ellen Taylor said: “Unbelievable, just hope that person is never the emergency, they might be more understanding and compassionate.</p>
<p>“You all do a great job for which most of us are incapable of doing. Thank you for all you do.”</p>
<p>Dr Sarah Schofield, chair of the West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning group, said: “Ambulance teams and the wider NHS support patients and save lives across Hampshire.</p>
<p>“No NHS staff should suffer any form of abuse, and it is vital that emergency services can access people’s homes as quickly as possible to treat a medical emergency.</p>
<p>“We would like to thank ambulance teams for their continuous hard work and dedication, especially as we head into the busiest time of year.”</p>
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