Florist reveals how to make your Valentine's Day bouquets last longer

I’m a florist and here’s how to make your Valentine’s Day bouquet last longer (and the key is to keep them away from the fruit bowl!)

  • Jade Robertson, from Prestige Flowers, shared four tips to make bouquets last
  • They include keeping an eye of quality of water and avoiding warm areas  
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A florist has revealed her four easy tips to make your Valentine’s Day bouquet last longer this year.

Jade Robertson – who works with UK delivery service Prestige Flowers – says the temperature of your home, the position of the vase and the length of the stalks are all key to extending their lifespan.  

Speaking to the Metro, the expert also reminded people to keep their flowers away from fruit bowls and also make sure they put their plant food in the vase before adding water.

She says that making these small tweaks will ensure the flowers reach their full blooming potential.

Maintaining temperature

Jade Robertson, from Prestige Flowers, has shared four tips to make Valetine’s Day bouquets stand the test of time

To avoid your bouquet wilting prematurely, Jade advised keeping them at room temperature – which is generally between 18C and 22C.

As such, the florist reminded people to think carefully about where they’re placing the vase in their living space.

She said: ‘They don’t like heating elements, which is important to remember at this time of year when people are looking to turn radiators or portable heaters on, or light fireplaces.’ 

However, Jade says she also sees people falling into the trap of positioning their flowers next to appliances that radiate heat, like televisions. 

Although a sunny windowsill might seem like the obvious place to put a bouquet, the florist also said to be wary of this spot if it’s in direct sunlight and gets too hot.

Trimming the stalks

As tempting as it might be to dunk your bouquet into some water straight away, Jade urged people to follow one crucial step first.

To increase the longevity of your flowers, the expert advised trimming off the bottom inch and a half at an angle.

The florist urged people to think carefully about where they’re placing their flowers and ensuring they’re not next to hot appliances 

This diagonal cut allows the stems to absorb water more effectively and also removes any lingering bacteria which may cause it to start wilting earlier. 

Refreshing the water

If the first thing you do when you get a bouquet is fill your vase with an unspecified amount of water, then it’s time to rethink your approach. 

According to Jade, you should pour the flower food (a mix of sugar and citric acid that helps your bouquet bloom) into the vase first to ensure its evenly distributed.

Next, she recommended removing any leaves that look like they might dip below the water lines – as this will affect the quality of the water.

Jade said: ‘If your water does start to look cloudy, change the water and add more flower food, otherwise it’s unlikely your flowers will be getting the nutrients they need to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.’

Avoid the fruit bowl

As well as keeping your flowers well away from radiators and electronic devices, the florist urged people to steer clear of putting your bouquet by the fruit bowl too.

This is because ripening fruits – particularly bananas – release a gas called ethylene into the air, which Jade says has been proven to ‘speed up the maturation process’ – resulting in your flowers wilting much more quickly.

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