Father’s Day jokes: The best gags and pranks to celebrate Father’s Day this year

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16 this year, giving people just three more days to set up the perfect celebration. Many people are likely hoping to find the perfect pair of sandals or a nice bottle of beer for their father. Some dads have a special taste for jokes and pranks. Here, express.co.uk has compiled some of the best.

A competition run by home furnishing retailers ScS found dad’s top 10 favourite jokes.

The retailers ran a competition on their official Facebook page and curated a list of dad jokes submitted by the public.

A final shortlist was put through a poll and ranked the jokes in order of popularity.

More than 2,000 people chose the most popular entries and you can see the list below.

1. I went to the store to get eight cans of sprite. When I got home, I realised I’d only picked seven up.

2. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea.

3. A ghost walks into a bar. The landlady says: “Sorry we don’t serve spirits”.

4. What do you call a donkey with three legs? A Wonky.

5. What do you call a man with a spade in his head? Doug.

6. Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff? Tequila.

7. Where do policemen live? Let’s-be Avenue.

8. Why did the skeleton burp? Because it didn’t have the guts to fart.

9. I was walking down the road and a man offered me a free sofa and chairs? I said no because my mother always taught me not to take suites from strangers.

10. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese.

According to the poll, dads age 55 to 65 favoured toilet humour, and their favourite joke was: “Why did the skeleton burp? Because it didn’t have the guts to fart”.

Lindsey Duncton, Head of Marketing at ScS, said: “Dad jokes are notoriously bad, and we wanted to showcase some of the best bad dad jokes to help families laugh together this Father’s Day!

“We hope families can use this as an excuse to relax on the sofa together and let dad retell some of his infamous bad jokes!”

For those who aren’t interested in jokes, pranks are a viable alternative.

The best pranks for father’s day:

1. Embarrassing photos: You can carefully compile a photo album of your dad’s most embarrassing moments.

2. Vinegar beer: Switch out your dad’s favourite beer or liquor with vinegar.

3. Play-Doh gum: If your dad is always chewing gum, you can switch his normal favourite brand with Play-Doh.

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