Every time I tell my boyfriend it’s over, he becomes all affectionate again

DEAR DEIDRE: EVERY time I tell my boyfriend it’s over, he becomes all affectionate again.

We are both 25 and I know we are bad for each other.

This time I’ve told him we’re over and I mean it, but he just says, “OK, so where do you want me to go?”

He’s a great dad to our children, who are five and three.

He’s worried that if he moves out, I’ll move on and he won’t get access to the kids, but I would never do that.

He is addicted to computer games, he never helps in the house and when we are together we make each other miserable.

I’d love to turn the clock back and laugh and joke like we used to.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s clear you still have feelings for each other but got stuck in the rut of domestic chores.

Tell him you appreciate what a caring dad he is but that providing them with a decent home takes two.

Have a list ready of everything that needs doing.

Give him first pick – but be firm he has to take a fair share and limit time playing on his computer to an hour or two after the children are in bed.

My e-leaflet Your Relationship MOT will help too.

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