Esonica & Kareem Aren't Even Trying To Hide Their Chemistry After 'Temptation Island'

<p>When she said he gave her &quot;not butterflies, but maybe just one flutter,&quot; it was just the first of many clues that Esonica and Kareem are dating after <em>Temptation Island</em>. The rest are not-so-inconspicuously sprinkled throughout their social media pages. It's like they're not even trying to hide their current chemistry.</p>
<p>Scroll through Esonica and Kareem's Twitter feeds, and you'll notice that they both retweeted the same two posts about their date from the Nov. 14 episode. The first is a video in which Esonica admits to seeing Kareem as more than a friend, and the second is a behind-the-scenes photo from the show's executive producer Scott Jeffress. &quot;Behind-the-Scenes of a beautiful date from last week's episode,&quot; he wrote. &quot;Excited for the dates to come!&quot; Given that they both shared the tweet, Esonica and Kareem must be pretty excited, too.</p>
<p>Elsewhere on Twitter, Kareem tweeted, &quot;Find someone that lets you be you,&quot; and Esonica liked it. And on Oct. 18, she shaded Gavin for criticizing the way she looked on the show. &quot;Gavin is tripping!&quot; she wrote. &quot;I looked good picking my first date.&quot; Kareem quoted the tweet and replied, &quot;That's right,&quot; with a <em>heart</em> emoji.</p>
<p>Esonica then replied to that tweet with two perky smiley faces, which Kareem subsequently liked. It's a subtle interaction, but nonetheless telling. After all, Gavin probably wouldn't exactly love his girlfriend calling him out <em>and </em>flirting with Kareem publicly if they were still together.</p>
<p>Kareem has also been complimentary of Esonica in interviews, telling PeopleTV's Daryn Carp and Dave Quinn he was attracted to her because, &quot;Her personality was very unique… She was respectful, she had a lot of confidence in who she was. She wasn't scared to show it.&quot;</p>
<p>But more importantly, when they asked what his biggest takeaway from the experience was, he responded &quot;patience.&quot; Could that be because he was patient enough to wait for Esonica to leave her boyfriend for him?</p>
<p>If you're <em>still </em>not convinced, it's worth mentioning that Esonica has liked most of Kareem's recent Instagram posts, and even left a comment under a clip from their second date. &quot;Fellas, make sure you tell every woman in your life that they're beautiful,&quot; he captioned the video. Obviously flattered, Esonica commented, &quot;Awe.&quot; </p>
<p>And the piece de resistance? Gavin and Esonica don't even follow each other on Instagram. There may still be a few weeks left in Season 2, but consider this case closed.</p>
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