Elton John got a birthday gift from ‘Rocketman’ star Taron Egerton

Get an eyeful of this.

Of all the over-the-top costumes that Taron Egerton rocked as Elton John in the new movie musical “Rocketman,” which opened Friday, there was one item that the actor kept to give as a special gift.

“I kept the glasses from ‘Your Song,’ ” says the 29-year-old actor of the spectacles that he wears during the scene when John writes the music to Bernie Taupin’s lyrics for the 1970 hit.

“But what I actually did with them was that I got Elton’s reading prescription and I put it in those glasses, and I gave them to him for his 72nd birthday earlier this year,” he tells The Post.

John is known for his wildly creative eyewear collection; this Pinterest board is just one indication.

As for the getups Egerton donned to play the pop superstar — which run the gamut from a multicolored chicken suit to a sequined Los Angeles Dodgers uniform — one proved to be particularly challenging.

“When I’m onstage in Australia dressed as Queen Elizabeth I, just getting onto the [piano] stool with all of that fabric and all those skirts was quite a challenge in itself,” Egerton says. “But there’s some comedy born of that, there’s some reality to who Elton is with all of that.”

Reflecting on how long it took him to get into each outfit, Egerton adds, “I don’t think it’s any secret that Elton was never particularly concerned with the practicality of his costumes.”

Egerton and John bonded during filming.

“He told me very early on that he didn’t want me to try and sound like him,” says Egerton of John, who served as an executive producer of the film based on his life. “He wanted me to make the songs my own. He wanted me to be creative with them rather than just copying him.”

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