Duchess of Cornwall dances with Led Goodman in London

Keep dancing! Len Goodman and the Duchess of Cornwall show off their ballroom skills as they take to the floor at the Victory Services Club in London

  • The Duchess of Cornwall, 72, visited the Victory Services Club in London today 
  • Was swept away by ballroom legend Lend Goodman who took her to dancefloor 
  • Camilla was all smiles and looked in excellent form in a light blue shirt dress
  • Talked about mental health with officers of Armed Forces and visited premises
  • Camilla, Victory Services Association’s patron-in-chief treated to some dancing

The Duchess of Cornwall showed off her dancing skills as she was swept onto the floor by Len Goodman at an event in London today.   

Camilla, 72, and Len, 75, made an elegant pair as they swayed across the dancefloor at the Victory Services Club.  

The former Strictly Come Dancing host asked the Duchess for a dance and the royal – always game for a challenge – graciously accepted. 

The two exchanged some kind words before linking arms and delighting the assembly with a sweet dance.  

Camilla and en Goodman danced together today as the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Victory Services Club in London 

Camilla, 72, looked in great spirits as the ballroom legend and her took a turn around the dance-floor 

The royal was on hand to discuss the importance of mental health awareness within the Armed Forces. 

Camilla was also treated to performances by the British Dance Council in association with The Royal Osteoporosis Society, of which she is the President. 

Camilla also gave an impromptu speech, and revealed that her ‘granddaughter [was] a hugely keen dancer and she hope[d] she may one day appear on Strictly Come Dancing.’

Camilla wore a light blue shirt dress that suited her dancing, with some bi-coloured shoes in black and cream. 

Camilla, who is the President of The Royal Osteoporosis Society, said her granddaughter was a keen dancer and that she hoped to be on Strictly Come Dancing one day 

Move over, Fred and Ginger: Len Goodman and Camilla enjoyed some dancing during the event 

The Duchess of Cornwall was all smiles as she exchanged a few worlds with Goodman, before taking to dancing 

Camilla looked pensive during a ballroom performance from the British Dance Council in association with The Royal Osteoporosis Society at Carisbrooke Hall

Strictly come dancing: Performance put on their best show yet for Camilla at Carisbrooke Hall this morning

As always, she kept her jewelry to a minimum, wearing discreet earrings and a silver bracelet.  

Upon arriving at the venue in Seymour Street, Camilla was greeted by army veterans and officers, all members of the club, of which she is the patron-in-chief. 

The Duchess of Cornwall charmed the officers away, while discussing the important of raising mental health awareness in the Army. 

Looking relaxed in a light blue dress, Camilla chatted with members of the Victory Services Clubs during the festivities 

Brothers Thomas Lyall and David Lyall seemed very happy to meet Camilla at the Victoria Services Club this morning 

The Duchess of Cornwall delighted Thomas Lyall (left) and David Lyall (right) with her banter as she arrived to the club this morning 

She also toured the venue, paying particular attention to its conference room, kitchen and dining She unveiled a plaque to mark the completion of the refurbishment

As part of the festivities, Camilla enjoyed a performance by two young ballroom dancers who impressed everyone with their dancing skills. 

Camilla took some time to discuss raising mental awareness with Steve Parker (pictured) during her visit 

Steve Parker was carrying a 3lk weight on a chain around his waist this week to highlight PTSD and other mental health issue as he talked to Camilla 

On this morning busy with engagements, Camilla also unveiled a plaque to mark the end of the refurbishment of the Victory Services Club’s conference room and kitchen and dining facilities 

Camilla met members of the club’s staff as she toured its refurbished dining facilities, kitchens and lounge conference room

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