Bizarre design fails that will make you look twice

Next time, hire a designer! These very strange planning choices make zero sense

  • Photos show some of the biggest planning faux pas such as a sinking banister
  • Other poor designs include wonky windows and a front door on a sliding roof
  • READ MORE: These minor design fails will infuriate perfectionists 

We all have our own preferences when it comes to how things should look, particularly when it comes to the place we call home.

But sometimes, other people’s design choices can leave us scratching our heads – and in some circumstances they’re so baffling they make no sense at all.

Hilarious images, taken by people from around the world and collated into a gallery by Bored Panda, reveal some of the terrible planning and design choices out there.

Among some of the biggest faux pas are a stair case which sinks into the carpet, wonky windows and a front door on the top of a sliding roof. 

Here, FEMAIL shares the worst planning and design fails… 

Some of the strangest and most bizarre design flaws have been collated in a gallery by Bored Panda. Mind your step: This banister looks like it was being consumed and devoured by the carpet, as it sank down into the floor long after the steps had finished 

Who’s right and who’s wrong? Painting on this road in the UK says ‘look right’, but the arrow seems to be pointing left, so which one is it? As funny as this appears, it could have dangerous consequences

Keep off the grass! This well meaning sign in the US does not really hold up, when people can see that there really isn’t much grass to stay away from in the first place

It was probably designed very innocuously, but in reality it looks like the planners have made something very rude instead 

Weird or creative? The window placement in this US house seems to have been an afterthought, after the mansion’s windows appear to go down in a strange diagonal pattern. Or was it meant to be designed in this way? We’re not sure

Let’s hope it’s a temporary fix: The old windows that give this church in Ireland character don’t look quite right after one of the panels was replaced with double glazing – perhaps they’re trying to save on their energy bill

Mind your step! That’s one place to put your front door, on the top of a slanted roof. One commenter said that if you jump off and are still in one piece then you can go about your day

These two windows will give many people a headache, as both of them look incredibly uneven, and slant in different directions

Close shave: This fence seems in an odd place, cutting a tree boarding on the edge of two gardens. And it looks even funnier too, with one half of the tree longer than the other

It’s a long way down! This front door is in a very odd position on the first floor of the house, which appears to be in the UK – and it’s not immediately clear how on earth you reach it

Click! Gates usually have bespoke locks, but this one takes the biscuit, using a seatbelt to lock a person’s garden

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