Best-selling author Jane Green joins as an agony aunt

International best-selling author JANE GREEN joins as agony aunt: Famed writer and lifestyle expert will lend her expert ear to YOUR issues – from sex woes to money fears – in her new DEAR JANE column launching TOMORROW

  • The award-winning author has earned international acclaim, having sold more than 10 million of her books, including Jemima J, Mr. Maybe, and Straight Talking
  • On Saturday, she will launch her sparkling new Dear Jane agony aunt column 
  • The column will see Connecticut-based Green, 54, sharing advice on a variety of topics, from romance and sex to money struggles and friendship woes

International best-selling author Jane Green has spent decades captivating readers across the globe with her compelling novels about romance – which bring to life the very real-world issues that so many people face. 

Now, the famed 54-year-old, who hails from the UK but has been based in Westport, Connecticut, for more than 20 years, is drawing on her many years of experience delving into the deepest realms of human interaction and emotions to offer advice to readers in a wonderfully warm – yet very frank – agony aunt column, which launches tomorrow. 

In Dear Jane, Green will tackle all manner of burning, hot-button issues sent in by you the reader – from sex and romantic problems to cost-of-living crises and money woes. 

Having penned 21 novels – 18 of which have shot straight onto the New York Times best-seller list – sold more than 10 million books, offered expert on-air commentary on the Royal Family, and penned numerous articles about her own life experiences, Green possesses an unparalleled understanding of life’s many complications, from the emotional and romantic to the fiscal. 

‘After almost 30 years of writing novels about the human condition, I have become the wise owl everyone turns to for advice, and nothing is more fulfilling for me than helping people figure out a way to contentment and peace,’ Green said of her upcoming column. 

International best-selling author Jane Green has joined as its new agony aunt and will tackle your issues each week in her Dear Jane column, which launches this Saturday 

‘Life is harder today than ever before, and nothing feels quite the same since the pandemic began. 

‘Technology not only keeps us more isolated, it can fuel negative feelings like jealousy and inadequacy, and navigating relationships, whether romantic or platonic, is something everyone needs help with. Joining as the new advice columnist feels like the perfect fit.’

Green, a fine art graduate, first turned her hand to writing more than three decades ago, when she began penning women’s lifestyle features for several of the UK’s top newspapers. 

In 1996, she turned that expertise to novels, penning her first book – Straight Talking – which was released in 1997 and quickly became a best-seller, with readers the world over praising its ‘relatability’ and ‘honesty’. 

Straight Talking launched Green to literary fame – and her following novel, Jemima J, achieved even greater success, cementing her status as one of the world’s most beloved ‘beach read’ novelist. 

The book, which is arguably Green’s most famous to date, tells a heart-wrenchingly honest story about an ‘ugly duckling’ and her desperate attempts to evolve into a ‘swan’ in order to win over a man whom she idolizes as the perfect partner. 

Since the release of Jemima J in 2000, Green has penned a further 19 novels – 16 of which have landed on the best-seller lists – and, as of 2019, her books had been published in more than 25 different languages. 

In recent years, the author has taken a step back from penning novels in order to turn her creative talents to audio dramas, taking on a role as the head of Emerald Audio, a podcast network that produces original female-focused dramas. 

In the past 30 years, Green has penned 21 novels – 18 of which have become best-sellers across the globe 

As of 2019, her books had been published in more than 25 different languages

Green’s natural ability to get to the very heart of human emotion has enabled her to quickly grow the podcast network, which targets ‘busy women’ who want to ‘listen to great stories from some of the world’s best-loved writers while navigating their full lives’. 

However the author has not turned away from writing altogether, instead swapping novels for personal pieces that see her opening up her own life to the world in the hopes of guiding other women through the many life challenges that they face. 

Over the past few years, Green has laid bare her own trials and tribulations in a series of Daily Mail articles, discussing everything from her fears about going gray to her devastating divorce from her first husband. 

Having spent years pouring her heart out to the world, the world-renowned author will now use the invaluable wisdom she has gained along the way to offer advice to’s readers in her Dear Jane column. 

The weekly column, which launches this Saturday, will see Green taking on any and all questions – beginning with a woman who left her first husband for another man, only to find herself lusting after the partner she dumped. 

She will also share her wisdom with a reader who is experiencing the agony of being ghosted by a very dear friend, a painful process that Green has personal experience in, having herself been ghosted by a woman she once considered one of her closest confidantes. 

Dear Jane will also include personal anecdotes and mantras that have helped to bring more joy and peace to Green’s own life. 

Green’s first Dear Jane column will be available to read on tomorrow.

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