Being a mum is not what I thought it would be – I want to give up my son

Parenting can be hard at times.

From having all the time to yourself to now having to care for a tiny human – it can be a lot.

Despite this, many parents carry on and get stuck into their new roles.

However, for some people adjusting to new caring responsibilities can be super hard.

This one woman has shared her difficulties of motherhood and even admitted she is thinking about “giving up” her small son completely.

Having fought through the sleepless nights of having a new-born, the mum thought things would have got easier.

But, now with a two-year-old toddler, the mum is still struggling with the concept of being a parent.

She explained in a post on Mumsnet that she thought she would “have it together” after caring for her son for two years.

Having once imagined herself as a “picture-perfect mum” , the struggling parent revealed she felt like she no longer loved her son.

In the very honest post, the mum admitted she is “not enjoying life right now” like she thought she would have been.

She explained: "I’m starting to even question if I love my son, because surely a mother that loves her children does not feel like this towards them.

"My days feel stressful and rushed.”

“Nothing seems calm and I feel like I’m just not enjoying my life right now."

The mum also works four days a week but still feels she does not have any alone time which does not help her feelings towards her son.

Making things more difficult for the mum, her toddler does not sleep through the night.

This only gives the mum a couple of hours of sleep at night, making her waking hours more gruelling.

Carrying on her post about her experiences of parenthood, the mum added that she “can't seem to get five minutes” of time for herself.

She explained this is due to her child's dependency on her and that if she does not give him attention “immediately” he will be likely to throw a tantrum.

Rather than tending to her child when they “scream and cry”, the mum said she is more likely to walk away instead of consoling her little one.

She continued: “I’m ashamed to type this out, but I’ve had days where I feel like I don’t like him very much.

“There’s days where all he wants is me and I just feel like I don’t want to be round him.”

Sadly, the mum admitted that only she feels like this and that his relationship with his father is fine.

She even contemplated leaving the pair and only visiting her son from time to time.

The mum explained: "I’ve given it some thought and think it could be better for both of us if he was to live with his Dad and I leave.

"I think a few times a week spending time with him will be better than him having to live with me the way I feel."

Understanding where the struggling woman is coming from, fellow mums fled to the comments to support the parent and advised her to seek help for the way she is currently feeling.

One person expressed their concern: "Have you spoken to your dp (dear partner) about how you feel? You work quite long hours and are sleep deprived – no wonder you’re struggling!"

Another user related to the mum: “I spent the first year of his life wishing I didn't have him, hating every moment of it and berating myself for feeling that way.”

“He fed every 2 hours and the lack of sleep changed me as a person. I was not my normal logical self.”

“I'd speak to your GP and your child's father and see what support you can get before you make any drastic decisions.”

While, a third person noted: “Talk to your GP so that you can get support as you are totally overwhelmed.”

“Tell your partner that you need sleep and time for yourself or you won't be able to keep going.”

For help with postnatal depression then visit:

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