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Behind The Music first aired on VH1 on August 17th, 1997, with rave reviews.  It brought fans the unique opportunity to take a glance into the lives of their favorite musicians, giving them a sneak peek into an otherwise very private, incredibly VIP world of the rich and famous. Each show put the focus on a prominent entertainment group, solo artist, or band, and took fans on a deep dive of all the influences surrounding them, inclusive of a look at the development of their career highs and lows. Fans were let in to the details surrounding the entertainer’s hardships along their way to success, and were offered insight and perspective that was hard to find. Loudwire reports that Behind The Music is back in a whole new way, and fans are curious to see if it still have what it takes to entertain the masses, given all the changes that have transpired over the past 24 years.

The Early Days

In the early days of the show’s development, producers thought this concept would offer something unique to their viewers. Until the time of the release of Behind The Music, very little insight was offered to fans that would provide them with a deep connection to the musicians and bands they loved so much.   Records and cassette tapes were purchased, CD’s included a sleeve that offered limited printed information, and for the most part, MTV Cribs was the closest show that presented an inside look for fans to enjoy.

Behind The Music was developed as a documentary-style show that put intense focus on just one performer/band and was able to bring details to the surface that satiated the appetites of fans that had very little else to work with.

Gary Rosenthal put all his efforts into producing a feature profile for each artist that packed in all the details of the success, struggles, and development of a band and the show became an immediate hit. A true force in the world of music, and credited for connecting artists to fans in a manner that had never been offered before, Behind The Music trailblazed to success, with astounding viewership and continued interest from fans.

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The Internet Effect

The last episode of Behind The Music aired in 2014, and by that time, the Internet effect was in full view. When the show originated, it was one of the original sources of entertainment information that the music industry really had. By the time the internet became widely used and social media started to catch on, the dynamics of the show were deeply impacted.

Technological developments meant that social media platforms were putting information at the fingertips of fans across the world, unifying them and connecting them directly with the artists they so greatly admired. Suddenly, the tables had dramatically changed, and rather than relying on Behind The Music to expose details about an artist, fans could simply follow them on any number of social media outlets, and immediately be informed of the details they so richly desired to know more about.

Instagram and Twitter lead the way, and artists quickly caught on and dove in. It became commonplace for fans to receive instant notification telling them what their favorite artist was thinking about in that precise moment. Images flooded Instagram that gave insight into the homes and personal lives of the stars.

Connectivity was convenient, accessible, and full of buzz.

Behind The Music Is Back

Like many shows that came and went before the era of social media was introduced. Behind The Music had a nostalgic place in the hearts of fans. Given the saturated, information-based documentary style of the show, fans recognized it still offered insight and value that wasn’t available on social media, and the return of Behind The Music became tangible.

The show is making a come back, and although the official release date has yet to be announced, plans are firmly in place for the production of a number of episodes.

Behind The Music is being rebooted by Paramount + and will now featured brand new episodes, as well as some remastered, edited, and re-worked episodes from the past that have been in high demand.

As far as the new episodes go, fans will surely not be disappointed. Eight full episodes have already been confirmed, and Bret Michaels front-man of Poison, will be one of the artists to be featured.

Interestingly though, Brett is going to be the only rock artist that the show will highlight. There is slated to be a huge influence of pop and hip hop being featured instead.

Loudwire reports that; “episodes on Ricky Martin, LL Cool J, Huey Lewis, Busta Rhymes, Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, and Fat Joe will round out the rest of the season.”

In the spirit of keeping up with the times and maintaining appeal to younger audiences, Behind The Music has been adapted to also include a podcast of the show, as well.

The podcast is poised to present a remastered version of previous episodes that are designed for optimal audio experience. Variety reports that; ” Dr. Dre and Ice Cube will be the first two artists featured, with both premiere episodes dropping on Thursday, July 29. Upcoming episodes will feature 50 Cent, AC/DC, Adam Lambert, Bret Michaels, Courtney Love, DJ Khaled, Duran Duran, Fat Joe, Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, New Kids on the Block, Toni Braxton and Usher. New podcast episodes drop weekly and are available via the iHeartRadio app and on other podcast platforms.”

The iconic show remains in high demand and fans across the globe are ready to tune in and be taken on a tour through the entertainment industry.

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