Asda is selling Skittles dipped in yogurt and shoppers don’t know what to make of them – The Sun

SKITTLES fans may want to head down to Asda if they want to try their favourite sweets covered in yogurt.

The unusual new combination, which is called "Skittles Dips", sees traditional fruit-flavoured Skittles coated in a creamy yogurt dip.

Sharing bags are on sale in Asda stores for £1, according to Instagram food blogger Instafoodietwins.

We couldn't find the sweets online so it seems they're only available in stores for now.

We've contacted Asda for more information and we'll update this story as soon as we get a response.

If you want to head down to your local store in the meantime, use Asda's tool to find your nearest branch.

Each 115g sharing bag contains three portions – and if you can face sharing them, each 38.3g portion has 172 calories.

An adult man should have about 2,500 calories a day while it's 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.

But shoppers aren't sure what to make of the shake-up. Instafoodietwins said the treats tasted just like Skittles ice creams and some were keen to try them too.

One user wrote: "Oh my god I need to try these", while someone else said: "Dipping Skittles in yogurt officially now makes them a health food" – we like their thinking!

But others aren't convinced. One follower of the Newfoodsuk Instagram blog wrote: "This sounds disgusting", while someone else added: "I dunno what I think to these".

It seems the jury is out on this one.

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Smarties, meanwhile, now does LLAMA themed sweets.

And there's even a shop that only sells Haribo sweets.

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