Aldi hack: Mum shares secret shopping hack to help savvy shoppers save money

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Aldi often have deals each week to help their customers get the most out of their weekly shop. This includes the ’Super 6’ which is Aldi’s way of guaranteeing its shoppers six varieties of fruits or veg for a much lower price than usual. However taking to the Aldi Shoppers UK Facebook page, one mum revealed a secret shopping hack to help make further savings.

Posting to the page, the savvy shopper wrote: “Aldi hack: I’m not sure how many people realise this, but each week Aldi publish a basket of shopping for their marketing campaign to compare with other stores.

“Find the ad and you can click on the terms and conditions and get the shopping list as a pdf.

“It is usually a weeks meals for a family of four for around £45 and it makes the most of limited time offers and specialbuys. It also corresponds with their recipe list online.”

Specialbuys are unique and exciting products you can find online at Aldi or in store.

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Aldi says: “They cover a wide range of activities and hobbies, such as sports, camping, DIY, BBQs and much, much more.”

The mum continues: “Usually that weeks meals are at the top but if you want an alternative (this week I swapped out whole chicken for pork joint) you can just put ‘pork’ into search on website, select ‘recipes’ instead of the default, which I think is ‘in store’ and you can track down the recipes they use.

“So this week I used a list they published a few weeks ago, but I could still track down the menu by searching on ingredients – we are looking forward to chicken enchiladas, veg tart, seafood paella, cod, sweet potato fries and mango and just enjoyed excellent roast pork which will also do sandwiches for work. De nada!”

Fans were quick to rush to the comments to share their shopping hacks too.

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One woman explained how Aldi also has a recipe page where you can pick from different cuisines including American, Italian, Spanish and Indian.

It also gives you the option to pick from breakfast, lunch and dinner and provides you with an Aldi ingredient list and method.

The woman shared how this helps her save money by not overbuying food as she meal preps from the list online.

Another commented: “It’s a great idea for people who don’t meal plan normally. I base my meal plan firstly on what I have in already and add extras that I need.

“My weeks shopping comes in at about £30 but I do get all my fruit and veg from market unless there’s things on super 6 that I will use. Great tip though thanks, didn’t know about it but gives ideas for different meals.”

Another Aldi fan explained: “When I tried it I found I had enough leftovers for lunches / freezer too. Recipes were simple and family have really enjoyed.”

At the time of writing the ‘Super 6’ includes courgettes, passion fruit, sweetcorn, plums, cucumber and lettuce.

Aldi is also offering some great deals across their meat selection just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

The discount supermarket has launched a mega-sized 8 pack of 100% British Ashfield Farm Burgers for £2.79 which equates to just 35p per burger, perfect for those having one last BBQ of the summer.

There are also Specially Selected Ale and West Country Cheddar Burger in a pack of two which Aldi says “will offer premium quality and taste”.

If meat isn’t your go-to, then the Heck Bollywood Bangers are made with cauliflower, lentils, spinach and green chilli make the perfect BBQ option.

Also available as part of this week’s XXL and Meat Special offerings are:
· Breaded Chicken Platter – £2.99, 600g
· Red Thai Pork Chops – £2.89, 525g
· Specially Selected Duck Breast Portions – £3.49, 250g
· Cracked Black Pepper Chicken Chipolata – £1.99, 340g
· Grilling Cheese Skewers – £1.79, 225g
· Walls Sausages – £1.79, 454g
· Cajun Beef Sizzle Steaks – £2.99, 300g
· Turkey Steaks – £3.99, 800g
· Chicken Breast Fillets – £8.99, 2kg
· Riverway Pork Sausages – £2.49, 667g

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