200 Vehicles Involved in Massive Pileup South of Montreal, Leaving Dozens Injured

Blizzard-like conditions in Canada led to a pileup of hundreds of cars on a highway near Montreal.

The crash started at about 12:30 p.m. local time in La Prairie, Quebec on Wednesday, injuring dozens of people in a pileup of about 200 cars — including a bus full of high school students, the Associated Press reported.

While about 50 cars were able to drive away after the incident, 75 had to be towed and several were left totaled. 15 people were taken to the hospital by ambulance, with nine people in serious condition, CBC News reported, and an additional 60 people suffering from minor injuries.

None of the high school students were injured, the AP reported.

Two people expected to be in serious condition were left trapped in the pileup — which stretched down the highway for more than half a mile — into the afternoon, according to the AP.

The multiple-vehicle crash occurred on Highway 15 in La Prairie, which is south of Montreal across the St. Lawrence River.

The proximity to the river factored into the poor driving conditions that led to the pileup.

Harsh winds coming off the river caused blizzard-like conditions, in turn causing the low visibility for motorists that contributed to the crash, Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel said, according to the AP.

“People were driving, there were strong winds … and, suddenly, you couldn’t see anything. And then, well, the pileup started,” Bonnardel said.

CBC News reported that three hospitals in the area had declared a code orange, and were ready for “serious emergency situations.”

Crews were working on towing cars away on Wednesday afternoon, CBC News reported, as well as trying to clear a diesel spill.

An additional 150 people were bussed to a nearby community center to wait to be picked up by friends or family members and for treatment, according to the AP.

An investigation into what initially caused the crash is ongoing.

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