11 Celebrities Dish On Their Personal Dating Dealbreakers

"My soulmate is not in the form of anybody I know's exes."

The dating world can be difficult and finding a perfect match is no easy task. That’s why it’s important to have a good idea of the kind of person you’re looking for even before you step foot on a date. While most people have their ideal partner in mind, the same is true for celebs who are also searching for who they want to spend forever with! Of course, knowing what you want in a relationship can come with a list of dealbreakers that may deem the relationship an automatic no-go.

From religion to career path, celebs like Pete Davidson and Halle Berry have set boundaries with who they’re open to dating — and a lot of it makes total sense.

Find out what these celebs say are their dealbreakers…

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1. Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is back on the market and now has plenty of suitors anxious to take him on a date. For anyone who does manage to land a date with the comedian, he says he has a few dealbreakers that he notices in the early stages of a relationship. The biggest one is when someone is rude to a waiter or waitress at a restaurant — and it would guarantee that they wouldn’t get a second date.

“I hate that. Immediately, in my head I would be like, ‘This is it,'” he said on the “River Cafe Table 4” podcast.

2. Jana Kramer

Following Jana Kramer’s divorce from ex-husband Mike Caussin, she realized that she has some non-negotiables when it comes to dating again. Jana, who was baptized as a Christian earlier this year, explained that after going on a date with a Jewish man, she decided that she only wanted to pursue someone of the same religion as her.

“Everyone knows I’m a Christian. I realized how important that is for me — for the other person to have that same quality or same beliefs for not only what I want in my life, but, like, my children,” Jana said on her “Whine Down” podcast.

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3. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas may be married to Priyanka Chopra now but back when he was in the dating game, he says it was always awkward when it was clear that his date knew a lot about him before they had gotten to know each other. In fact, he says it actually happened to him on a few occasions.

“The worst dates are when people, like, know more about me than is comfortable…She just starts asking me questions that you wouldn’t know unless I told you, but she knew from wherever, from online or something. I don’t know. It was just very odd,” he told Cosmopolitan.

4. Chris Evans

Chris Evans says that he feels it’s really important for whoever he’s dating to be independent and have their own personal interests. He admits that he can feel “suffocated” when someone begins to shape their life around him.

“I’m the one who fears being enveloped. I was always a really autonomous guy my whole life. Camping by myself is one of my favorite things. I really like to be with someone who also has their own thing to do as well, you know? If I’m with someone who just kind of adopts my life, that can feel a bit suffocating,” Chris told The Hollywood Reporter.

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5. Keke Palmer

Much like Chris Evans, Keke Palmer says whoever she dates has to be independent and have their own things going on in their life. She explained that since she is often busy, she doesn’t want them to be codependent.

“Dealbreakers for me in love? Oh yes, honey. You’ve got to have something going on because I have stuff going on. So I can’t be like doing all my stuff and then call you, and you’re just sitting there waiting for me. That’s too much…He has to have something to do because otherwise, it’s just, like, codependent, and he’s gonna start asking me for money because he knows I got it. It’s too much,” Keke said on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

6. Harry Styles

Harry Styles, who is currently dating Olivia Wilde, says the person he dates needs to have their time management skills in check. He once admitted that being late to a first date was a dealbreaker for him.

“If you are going on a first date just be early first of all. Just don’t be late, it’s tardy and nobody likes tardy people,” he shared.

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7. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has some pretty specific dealbreakers — and they all have to do with feet. The actor once admitted that he’d previously turned women down because of the appearance of their feet.

“I’ve not dated girls because of their feet, just the length of certain toes and the shape of where things should be and they’re not. Hammertoes are bad. And the second toe being too long? That’s bad, too,” Charlie once told Rolling Stone.

8. Halle Berry

When it comes to dating, Halle Berry says she has a strict policy about not dating someone who used to date a friend. When a fan asked if she would go out with a “friend’s ex-boyfriend or ex-husband,” she said it was a definite no.

“No, I f—ing wouldn’t. No, the answer is no. That’s a cardinal sin. You don’t date your bestie’s exes. If I know you, I’m not dating your past nothing ’cause that’s just not cool…My soulmate is not in the form of anybody I know’s exes. If my friend’s only been out with them twice, he’s not on my list. That’s how I feel,” Halle said on an episode of her Instagram Live show “Bad and Booshy.”

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9. JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa, who came out as gay in 2021, has some hilarious dating dealbreakers that are all about food. She explained that any person she dates has to be on board with her favorite foods: pickles, mushrooms, ranch dressing and milk.

“You must not think drinking milk is weird because I like milk…You must not think ranch is gross because I like ranch. Pickles. We love pickles [and] mushrooms,” JoJo told E! News.

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10. Mariah Carey

As the reigning queen of Christmas, Mariah is very clear about her stance regarding holidays. While she is currently dating Bryan Tanaka, she says she couldn’t imagine dating someone who didn’t love the holidays.

“There was a person in my life at one time — we won’t say names — and they didn’t love holidays. And I was like, ‘Well you’re with the wrong person then, honey.’ You have to love Christmas,” Mariah told E! News’ “Daily Pop.”

11. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne says a dealbreaker for her is someone who isn’t supportive and encouraging. She made the realization when she sent a song she had recorded to someone she was dating and he told her it was “not very good at all” instead of motivating her.

“If you’re dating someone that’s not going to motivate you or encourage you, don’t date them. You should straight up just be out of the relationship right then and there,” Bella told Us Weekly.

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