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IT'S well known our eyebrows frame our faces and if we get them wrong, everything else feels off-kilter.

There are loads of formulations of brow products out there but the best eyebrow pencils are unrivalled.

According to top makeup artist, MAC Global Senior Artist and one half of the Glow Up judging panel, Dominic Skinner, eyebrow pencils are always a part of his kit and he reaches for them when meticulous application is top of the agenda.

He says: "The precision you can achieve with a brow pencil is incredible and you don't need a degree in mathematics to use it.

"It can create fine hair like strokes but can also give a soft fill-in where there are gaps."

Whether you have thick brows that just need a quick boost or sparser brows that could do with a bit of extra attention, there's a pencil that can do the job.

What is the eyebrow trend this season?

Dominic is convinced big brows aren't going anywhere, but, contrary to the Instagram brows of the last decade, it's all about full but real.

He says: "Brows have been the trend of the 21st century. There is talk of the 90s pencil thin brows making a comeback, but after 20 years of people growing their brows out, I can't see this trend being at the top of most people's lists.

"But, we are seeing brows being tightly brush up."

He shared how we can achieve this look by following a few simple steps: "Use a brow gel to groom the brows out to a two o'clock or 10 o'clock (depending on the eye) direction. Then use your thumb to press them down.

"Follow this with your brow pencil to lightly draw additional hairs where needed. This gives a structured, lifted look without weighing down your eyebrows."

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