You’ve been cleaning your oven all wrong – here’s the trick that will make it so much easier

EVER seen those fancy ovens they have in Bake Off that fold in and thought they must be much easier to clean?

Well, here's a hack that makes cleaning just as easy without stumping up the cost of buying a fancy new cooker.

Tiktoker Asianmuminlaw shared how to pull your oven door off safely so that you can clean it better.

In the 15 second video, he wrote 'my Asian mum in law just taught me this trick' as he demonstrated the hack.


He showed how he pulled the metal attachments on the oven that hold the door on a hinge.

These released and he was able to easily remove the entire oven door.

He then went in with a towel or cloth to clean the ledge that is normally so hard to reach when the oven door is connected.

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