You're in the top 20 percent of people if you can find the error in this image in 13 seconds | The Sun

A TRICKY challenge has left TikTokers up in arms over where the 'error' in a certain image can be found.

According to the video posted by Shane Fleming, about 80 percent of people struggle to identify what is amiss in the image.

Fleming has over 770,000 followers on TikTok and occasionally posts riddles to test his followers' IQs.

"80 percent of people can not find the error in the image above," Fleming said.

The image displayed consecutive lines of repetitive numbers between zero and nine.

"If you can find it, put your answer in the comments," the influencer encouraged.

The seemingly impossible number game caused confusion among many social-media users.

However, a few observant TikTokers paid special attention to the directions which read, "Find the error! It's impossible!"

"The word “error” is what he is referring to," one pointed out.

Another person suggested that it was not the word 'error,' but the word 'impossible.'

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"The answer is impossible, as stated," they declared.

Some people were embarrassed at how long it took for them to look past the numbers.

"Well that took me longer than I'd like to admit to see it," another commented.

Fleming is yet to provide the answer to the riddle.

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